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I’m a university graduate!

I’m currently working on my second Taichung post (it’s more than half done now I swear), but I just thought I would pen down some wordy thoughts on my graduation since I’m not in a upload-photos-on-Photobucket-and-then-plaster-them-all-over-here mood. So I just got back from Perth on… Read More

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Back for a bit!

Is it any wonder that I’ve been absent from my blog because of school? The mid semester break came really late this time, and therefore it feels surreal that school is ending…next week. That marks the end of semester 2 for me folks – and… Read More

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Goodbye September

I’ve been such a lazy blogger recently. Actually, I’ve just been lazy to do anything, which should really be worrying me a lot more than it currently is (which is not a lot), because I only have about a month to do all my work… Read More