Hello there, I’m Rachel and I currently reside in Singapore.

My interests include a whole bunch of different things, some of which include dancing, good drama (reel & real), travelling, nurturing the size of my butt on my couch…and I also have a soft spot for cats. I currently live my life vicariously through Korean entertainment and music, which I tend to talk about…a lot.

I  work as full-time copywriter, but I’m open to interesting writing collaborations and freelance projects. Hit me up if you’re keen in taking a look at some of my writing samples.

I can also be found on Dinoseoul and other interesting places on the Internet.



  1. Hi there!

    Stumbled on your blog while looking through WordPress tags. I really like it, you have a fun style of writing and wonderful pictures. I found it interesting when I read your About page, ’cause you’re similar to me. I used to blog on LiveJournal but switched to WordPress in 2008, then made another WordPress blog last year.

    I love music but I’m not much of a dancer except in the privacy of my own room 😛 I’m a huge reader and often find it difficult to get off the couch myself. I even share your feelings on cats. I have one named Oliver. I’m Hala, like my username says. I’m Lebanese, living in Lebanon now and studying for a BA in English.

    Enjoyed your blog! Keep it up! 😀

    • Hi there, sorry for the ultra late reply but I’ve replied over at your WordPress too. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!! ^^

  2. Elva

    hey^^can i ask about ..u went to korea..which guest house u stay??is it near those entertainment building??thx^^

    • Hi Elva! I did not stay at a guest house near the entertainment buildings because most of them are situated in Gangnam, and it’s really expensive to stay there. Travelling there is easy though, and I recommend staying at BoA Guesthouse (http://www.boaguesthouse.com). BoA is very friendly and will be of great help if you need any directions 🙂

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