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A little catch-up

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This picture is apt because I just got my Gold card in the mail…but I swear I don’t drink that much Starbucks, really. It’s all the drinks I buy for people on my card. I’m not making this up!!

Annnnnd we’re right in the middle of November! I’ve been really busy the past couple of months. Quit my job, accepted a new job, then went back to old job after a few kinks in the new job literally a couple of days before I was due to start…eep. I also took on some pretty intensive freelance work that involved coming up with press collaterals and a whole load of social media things for a charity arts festival. Pretty fun!

In other news, I’ve also been managing to stick to my fitness plans (yay!) and since we’re almost at the end of 2016, it means I’ve successfully managed to stick to working out for a year. FINALLY a year I fulfil some sort of fitness goal.

Ok so more ramblings from me…

Meeting my true love in the form of SHINee’s Lee Jinki 

So Dinoseoul‘s been around for a good four years now, and earlier this month I actually got a chance to interview my all-time K-pop bias—albeit not as part of SHINee but a cook show along with Baek Jong Won and DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon—so that was just a dream come true.

Glossier skin and make-up 

Would love to do a separate post about this but just in case I disappear and only post again in 10 years, recently I bought and tried a few new things I really love. Fell into the Glossier cult and after trying a few products (not in any particular order):

  • Glossier Milky Jelly – I watched and read about 3,000 reviews on this before buying it because it’s quite expensive for daily cleanser standards, but no regrets. This is so gentle but it miraculously removes makeup at the same time. So that’s amazing because I get to skip using a makeup remover.
  • Glossier Super Glow – Vitamin C Serum – Out of all the Supers, this is my current favourite because it makes me look the most awake. I don’t think my skin is particularly dry at the moment but I think Super Bounce will come in handy soon. As for Super Pure, I don’t see myself reaching for this as often because I don’t really have a lot of redness or blemishes to combat, but it will definitely be useful when the time comes!
  • Glossier Generation G in Crush – This is described as a ‘popsicle stain flush’ matte colour of sorts, but while I honestly love the subtle colour that this lippie gives, it has basically no staying power and also smells a little weird. It’s also quite drying to me despite all the reviews out there. Maybe it’s just me? However, I heard they’ve got a new formula out now so I might try another colour sometime.
  • Glossier Flavoured Balm Dotcom in Cherry – Because I am a compulsive shopper I now own three flavoured Balm Dotcoms in Cherry, Mint and Rose. I decided to use Cherry first because I was convinced it would be the flavour I liked least (I hate cherry but I really wanted to try this), but surprisingly I’ve grown quite used to—and even like—it! I imagine that this is balmy texture is why everyone fell in love with using the original Balm Dotcom. You can definitely find a cheaper alternative, like Nivea Lip Balms, but it’s definitely hard to resist Glossier power.

Anyway abrupt ending—and this is a work in progress—but I’m trying to get my copywriting portfolio up proper and hopefully look into doing more freelance work. Please find me at, everyone!


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