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Tips to surviving plane rides

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I’ve always been somewhat of a really bad flyer because:

1. I can’t sleep on planes.

2. I have really bad sitting posture by nature, and it amplifies x 100000 on flights because of the tiny space + usual tall girl problem.

3. I fly budget a lot so I usually have zilch entertainment. 🙂

So thanks to the pointers above, my iPhone has become my best friend during every plane ride. Because besides being one of those people constantly glued to my phone (I know), I’ve also devised the best way to really maximise it during a flight. Yes, even though there’s no Wi-Fi!

Tidy up your phone’s camera roll

If you’re like me and have a thousand photos of your cat in varying sleeping positions, or tons of unused food snaps in the process of getting your one Instagram shot, you’ll find this time useful to finally getting down to deleting these photos. I usually start right from the latest images, and then go through each one since I’ve the time to. If you’re impatient, you can always just select a couple at a time to delete.

Download games that can be played offline

I recommend: Diner Dash, Naughty Kitties, and Fallout Shelter. All available in the Google Play store for Android users too! The key is to download games with lots of levels/activities so that you’ll be kept occupied. Neko Atsume is not a good choice in this situation, okay?

Download an E-book 

I like physical books as much as the next person, but I usually avoid bringing one on a flight with me because I’m a fast reader and once I’m done reading it becomes yet another thing I’ve to carry with me – and I’m usually most comfortable carrying a small tote with zero carry-on luggage. Therefore, the less the better! E-books are great, readily available, and you can store as many as you want on your phone (or as many as your phone memory can handle).

Catch up on Asian dramas with Viu

Viu is just amazing. While it’s best maximised with Wi-Fi because you stream shows to watch, there’s also a function where you can download up to three episodes of any show on the platform and store it in your phone to watch during a plane ride. This saves you the time of downloading a show separately and syncing it into your phone (iPhone users know the hassle). To really get the most of your download space, you should download stuff like Running Man episodes because each one is something like 1.5 hours – boom, you’ll be entertained 4.5 hours!

Viu is only available in a few countries now, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, but hopefully the app will expand to more places soon!

PS: Remember to pack a portable phone charger with you!




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