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Makeup favourites of April

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I haven’t exactly purchased a lot of makeup this year – especially after coming back from Korea, but I have picked up a few new things and am using them along with some old favourites.

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Thanks to Song Hye Gyo’s perfect face and even more perfect makeup in Descendants of the Sun, I did a little stalking on Laneige Singapore‘s Instagram page and discovered that she was wearing the new Two Tone Lip Bar in Juicy Pop (No. 11) in a recent episode. Popped down to a Laneige and got my hands on one thanks to a same-day stock replenishment! Happy to say that although the colour maybe a little intimidating, Juicy Pop actually just turns out an absolutely wearable orange-y pink when worn. My lips aren’t actually very plump, so the gradient effect is slightly lost on me (you can’t really see it on Song Hye Gyo either, honestly), but I’m fine since the colour’s pretty. Unlike usual twist-and-turn lipsticks, the bar features a side button for you to push the product when you want to use it.

Retails at S$34 at all Laneige stores.


Bought this last year on Luxola (now after intensive comparisons between blushes online. I quite like pink blushes with glittery undertones, so I was interested in buying NARSOrgasm, until I came across reviews comparing it to Sleek‘s Rose Gold.

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If you Google, you’ll see side-by-side comparisons to both blushes, and realise how similar they are! I’ve personally never tried NARS, but I don’t think I need to because Sleek’s blushes are amazing! ! ! Besides being highly pigmented, the gold iridescent shimmers in it are gorgeous when worn, and it’s a steal at only S$15! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. There are over a thousand reviews on Sephora’s page alone, so I kid you not when I say this is gud.

P/S: Sleek originates from the UK, and is considered drugstore makeup there. I’m so impressed! CC Michelle Chai in this, really need to visit you soon.

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Picked this up two Korea trips ago from the STYLENANDA outlet in Hongdae because I needed a blush brush and this was…pink and cute. Haha. 3CE makeup is incredibly popular in Asia, so their products are little expensive (also because of extensive marketing and chic packaging), and not everything of theirs is great so buy with extreme discretion.

The Kabuki brush comes in a little black velcro pouch and is easy to carry around, but I usually leave it at home because I don’t bother with blush touch-ups on the go. Weather’s hot enough to keep one flushed anyway. Anyway, this is great because:

1. It’s made of synthetic hair but is still soft and hasn’t shed even once.
2. It picks up powder very well.

It’s not so great because:

1. Blushes are usually pink and you can never ever tell how much product is on your brush because colour.

Can’t remember the exact price. But it’s probably around S$10++.

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Drugstore makeup product spotlight once again! Except this time it hails from Japan. Heroine Make is easily available from your local Watsons, and next to Korea’s CLIO, is my go-to eyeliner brand. I honestly can’t bring myself to spend over S$20 on black eyeliners because they all look the same when worn. So as long as it’s easy to use, glides on smoothly and has adequate lasting power, I don’t care where it’s from. Thankfully, Heroine Make makes some of the best eyeliners around at an affordable price.

Available at around S$18 bucks.

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Picked this up from my local Sasa. While Cyber Colors may be a pretty unfamiliar brand to most, it actually hails from Korea and has been around since 1998. Their gemstone compact is one of the first powder foundations I’ve ever used after it was introduced to me by a friend. I’ve alternated between different compacts and Cyber Colors over the years, but I honestly do feel that this is one reliable product I’ll never stop going back to. Besides being a two-way compact, it also has SPF 40 PA+++ and boasts the benefits of powder from seven different gemstones. Don’t ask me what they are – I have my reservations on the validity of this…but hey, they sound good, right? Coverage is also easily build-able, and doesn’t cake IMO.

It retails at S$34, but there’s usually a sale for it at Sasa so I get to buy it at S$28 instead.

Other things worth a mention:

Laneige’s BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++
I’ve a lot of BB cushions, but this one of the best! Good coverage that doesn’t look patchy after hours. I usually use either No.13 (True Beige), No.21 (Natural Beige) and No.21P (Pink Beige). They’re not all that different to me. But I caved and ordered yet another cushion – a Hera one from the new Hera X Nicholas Kirkwood collection. It’s super expensive, super pretty, and yay can’t wait to get it!

Etude House’s Drawing Eye Brow
I talked about this previously, and it’s still great!








  1. Lin

    Not gonna lie, that Laneige lippie looks like candy with those bright colors! Nice to know that’s what she wears in the drama.

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