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Quick check in: Fitness goals of 2016

IMG_8355Stuffing my face with ice cream after a run because logic.

Okay, so I am aware that I didn’t exactly pen down any fitness goals as part of my resolutions for the year. But that’s the beauty of it right? I don’t write it down and yet I get stuff done. Whoop! 

In 2015, my exercise quota was dismal. I use Nike+ Running (great app, use it!) to track all my running activity, so a quick check-in showed that I did 11 runs in total for all of last year. That’s approximately once a month…which honestly doesn’t do much at all. I always tell myself that if I am gonna run once a month, I might as well not run at all because there’s really no point in dragging my feet out every couple of weeks and thinking it’ll do me any good.

So this year, I made a mental (and very strict) note to myself that I was going to up my fitness regime. Last December, Nigel and I headed down to the new Anytime Fitness gym that opened right opposite my place, paid our first membership fee and collected our gym access tag. That marked a turning point for the both of us.

While I wouldn’t say either of us are fit yet, we’ve definitely been exercising weekly.  In three months, I’ve clocked 26 runs, attended classes for yoga, piloxing, as well as various strength and body-sculpting classes, learned how to use various machines at the gym that I now incorporate into my workout, and have felt myself become stronger and a more confident person.

So here’s a reminder to myself to keep this up for the year and beyond. Pat on back – now keep it up.


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