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K-entertainment ramblings: 2016 releases I love so far

It’s  been a good year in K-entertainment so far, and we’re only a little into March. Who’s a happy fangirl? I AM.

Honestly, I’ve been letting myself slip when it comes to content generating for Dinoseoul, but the fact that I’ve been getting ~writing feels~ thanks to a bunch of great drama and music releases definitely mean something. 

GFRIEND is one of those groups that I never expected myself to like, but do. While I’m not totally won over by their singing (Yuju is a whole other story altogether), youth and dancing are their biggest selling points. They inject so much energy into their choreography that every leg lift and twirl is so on point to the well, point that it’s absolutely mesmerising. Their dance videos are super engaging because of that.

AOA‘s Jimin is really enigmatic. I can’t put it any other way. This girl definitely has the X-factor, because whatever she does it turns heads. ‘Call You Bae’ is the first release off #OOTD Project, which will contain a series of different genres for the K-pop starlet to display a variety of skills. The track features EXO‘s Xiumin, and the pair make an oddly captivating duo with this catchy number.

God. Where do I start with these girls? The thing with MAMAMOO is that no matter what they’re do, they absolutely slay. Amazing vocals aside, each member practically radiates sunshine and energy from their pores whenever they hit the stage. You can tell when an artiste is having a good time, and MAMAMOO always gives off the impression that there’s nothing they love better than performing. ‘You’re The Best’ is the ultimate jam, and everybody looks fantastic oh good Lord my heart burns at how proud I am of them.

They’ve also proven they’re perfect for variety with ace comedic timing below:

Skip to 5:44 for a taste of MAMAMOO in their natural habitat. 

YG princess LEE HI finally graces us with her amazing presence once again with the release of her half album (yes the other half will come soon enough) ‘Seoulite‘ and two title tracks for us to indulge in. ‘Breathe’ makes me grin like a complete idiot not only because it’s a gorgeous ballad, but because SHINee‘s Jonghyun composed and wrote the track. How’s that for some YG-SM love, huh?  I’m really liking how agencies are working together to showcase their artistes’ capabilities, which hopefully eventually quells petty insistence on which fandom is the best on every damned YouTube comment section.

‘Hold My Hand’ is a breath (no pun intended) of fresh air too. Combining both an 80s pop sound and 8bit colours juxtaposed with real life aesthetics, both the track and MV are complete audio and visual treats. It seems YG is bent on retaining a bit of a quirky, cutesy aesthetic for LEE HI (Teddy bears? Pigtails?), which I feel a little weirded out about because of how grown-up she sounds. But hey, whatever sells right?

In K-drama news…

  • This isn’t new per se, but I finished Reply 1988 earlier this year shortly after my trip to Seoul. 10/10 would recommend with my hearteu and soul.
  • Currently besotted with Song Joong Ki‘s charm and Song Hye Gyo‘s perfect hair in fictional war-torn country Urk. Please watch Descendants of the Sun if you would like to experience the same wistful feelings as me. Kudos to Kim Eun Sook, really didn’t like Heirs but you got me with this one.




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