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Skin Inc: GET GLOWIN’ Custom-Blended Serum

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I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much money on a Black Friday sale before, but this year I took the plunge after a recommendation by a friend and picked up the Skin Inc GET GLOWIN’ Custom-Blended Serum.

Serums are confusing as hell to me. I’m a cleanse, tone, moisturise kinda girl, so when I heard about serums I was mostly all “So…where do they go, and what do they do again?”

But I do want good skin. And after reading countless reviews on serums and their magical powers, especially Skin Inc ones, I decided to give them a go! This set costs S$148 on Luxola, but thanks to a cool 40% off I got them at a steal.

 photo IMG_6393_zpsoq99l72j.jpg

The GET GLOWIN’ set comes with three different 10ml bottles of serum, each individually raved by people who have used them, as well as a My Daily Dose mixer bottle to create your own custom blend. They consist of:

Vitamin A Serum – Rich in Vitamin A to improve skin tone and the appearance of dark eye circles.

Chlorella Serum – Nutrient-rich extract of the algae Chlorella tackles skin dullness and reduces the appearance of pigmentation for clearer, brighter skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Rich in Hyaluronic Acid, to replenish and hold moisture for long lasting hydration in your skin.

The kit doesn’t come with any particular instructions, except that you are supposed to use 3 drops twice daily before applying moisturiser. When I first tried to mix the serums, I made the mistake of just dropping three drops from each bottle into the mixer bottle. There’s no way there’s going to be enough liquid for you to extract after! What you’re actually supposed to do is to pour the contents of all three small bottles into the big mixer bottle and then use it from there.

I personally found it tricky to pour the contents (what if it spills?? The stuff is expensive!) into the mixer bottle, so I painstakingly used the dropper to move the serums over. Here’s the result:

 photo IMG_6391_zpsnrkbtdj8.jpg

I’ve only been using these for a day, so I’ll update on the results once I (hopefully) see some! Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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