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Stationery is life

So lately I’ve just totally succumbed to my stationery devotion and I’ve been buying up a storm when it comes to pens, cards, washi tape…you get the idea. Something about pretty stationery just makes you want to do things, be more productive, and basically just be the epitome of a modern-day OL (office lady) or chic student.

Last month, I was ecstatic to find out that MT Tape was having a pop-up convention at Raffles City, and promptly headed down during my lunch break on the first day of its setup because they were selling limited edition SG50 tapes! I know, I know, gimmicky – but hey – they’re crazily pretty, alright? I’m just buying them by the truckload because they’re released in conjunction with our country’s birthday. ๐Ÿ˜›

Totally got judge-y looks from my colleagues who asked about my lunch plans, but no regrets man.

 photo IMG_4090_zpsaju4z3am.jpg photo IMG_4091_zpsba5gnkcf.jpg

 photo IMG_4073_zpskynwnb4s.jpgPrettiest setup ever. Check out the clean lines everywhere and the gorgeous flags above – all completely made of washi tape! They were manually and painstakingly done up for the event.

I got so excited at the place that I had a minor tummy ache ha ha ha.

 photo IMG_4097_zpszd8y8x8y.jpgPlease excuse my slightly dirty shoes. Ah-hem.

 photo IMG_4086_zpspktqyngw.jpg
 photo IMG_4106_zpsklpnddvt.jpgOne of my favourite limited edition SG50 tapes out of the selection – pretty birds! And that colour! It was also the launch of brand new Sanrio tapes (got some for my fellow Sanrio enthusiast, Michelle!) and that was just the beginning of my downfall…
 photo IMG_4080_zps3z8i6b03.jpgThis was one of the event highlights – a gachapon machine that gave you a chance to score not-for-sell, limited edition washi tape! They were S$2.50 a spin, which was very reasonable considering the cheapest priced tapes are at S$2.40 each! I was running a little late since I spent wayyyyy too long browsing through all the tapes, so I only had three tries at this. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get any of the special tapes, but I did get pretty ones all the same.

 photo IMG_4799_zpstnuccim4.jpg

Not even everything I bought that day…because I spent a cool S$80 on tape that day. YUP. :B

 photo IMG_4934 copy_zpsd5aps4ik.jpg

And just two days ago, I picked up these adorable cards and tape at Kikki. K for a steal! They were going at a 3 for 2 promotion, which meant I got all these for under S$10. ^^

Blogging about stationery just makes me super excited again thinking about all the crafty things I want to do in the coming weeks. I’m also already looking into purchasing my second Hobonichi (read my review post here) and thinking about all the cute stickers I can decorate it with. For Hobonichi or journalling enthusiasts, you can check out MyLifeMits on YouTube – she has the most envy-worthy stationery and Hobo supplies ever!

Have a great week everyone! โค



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