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Food glorious food

I feel like for people like me who’ve just stepped into the working world, weekends are truly amazing. School holidays? They don’t exist. Which means the last two days of the week are practically sacred to us.

I’ve been trying to maximise my weekends as much as possible. I don’t really make plans for a social life on weekends anymore because I try to prioritise family and rest above all, but I’ve been lucky enough that they’ve been pretty eventful! Most of them um, involving food. Please do not proceed if you are hungry.

 photo IMG_2388_zpsrs6wnwck.jpgAround two weeks ago I found myself at a fancy dinner buffet at The Westin Singapore to celebrate Nigel mum’s early birthday. I’m not much of a buffet person because I find myself getting full really easily – which is strange because at any other regular dinner I eat like a pig – but I did enjoy the food! It was one of those international buffets where they had everything from seafood to sushi to roasted meats. Pretty yum.

And because Nigel and I are such a foodie couple (Re: Pigs), we also found ourselves at our favourite hangout, Lola’s Cafe, on two separate occasions within a a couple of days.

 photo IMG_2395_zpswhghmetn.jpgPlease excuse the no makeup day face.

 photo IMG_2394_zpsctrgi0qm.jpgI used to love their iced mocha a lot, but recently I feel it’s a lot more bitter! Maybe it’s just me though.

 photo IMG_2295_zps7rl45t32.jpg

 photo IMG_2300_zpsdt5pkntj.jpgGlorious plate of obesity.

 photo IMG_2299_zpsd0c6w1w2.jpgOn the Hari Raya holiday, we headed to Refuel Cafe in Bedok. I’ve been meaning to try it for ages, so waiting 45 minutes for a seat wasn’t a big deal for me.

 photo IMG_2528_zpsglfltwfl.jpgNigel had their Mac & Cheese while I went for Fuel Me Up, which is this beautiful, organised mess of tomatoes, mushrooms, sausage balls, bacon topped with melted cheese and a runny egg. Unfortunately, excited as we were about our dishes, they unfortunately fell a little flat thanks to incredibly high sodium content. They were so salty that we struggled to finish our dishes, and I polished off the two slices of toast (I usually don’t eat all zee bread on the side because I get too full to eat my main) that came with my meal just to balance things off. Pretty disappointing but I’d head back and try their other dishes because I found everything reasonably priced!

 photo IMG_2516_zpsxw5agrve.jpgHot chocolate which was above decent – yay! Was a recommendation on their menu.

 photo IMG_2533_zps7eekovhh.jpgEnding this short entry with an awkward shot of me at the airport waiting for Nigel’s parents to arrive after their Hong Kong holiday. And yes that’s the same pair of Klarra shorts that I’m wearing to Lola’s above! Got both the shorts and the pink bustier I’m wearing in the picture above at a steal on Carousell.

Till next time! Have a great week ahead everyone!



  1. Val

    Hey babe, May i know what size bustier and what uk size are you:) thanks! im not sure if i should get S or M cause im kinda in between for S for waist but M for Bust.

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