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Quincy Staycation x Happy 365 Days

 photo IMG_6958_zps348f038d.jpg

Just a little over a year ago (saying that because this entry is long overdue), I got together with the funniest, cutest and nicest guy I’ve ever met – and I’ve never looked back since.

We aren’t particularly big on planning or celebrating things, but I thought it would be nice to get away from work for a weekend so I toyed with the idea of a nice staycation for our first year together. Also, there happened to be a really awesome Groupon deal for Quincy hotel in town so it seemed almost like a must that we had to go on a staycation. I did check out other options, including Quincy’s own Qool Weekend Package specially designed for couples, but in the end I decided the Groupon deal was the most worth it and we just went with it. Photos are all courtesy of my iPhone 5 so pardon any terrible/blurry shots that I deemed amazing when I snapped. Heh.

Upon checking in, we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were not only given a room on the highest floor, but also a corner room! Always a plus in case your neighbours are the type who watch their TVs at full blast.

 photo IMG_6983_zpse34391d8.jpg

 photo IMG_6957_zps49c7b746.jpg

 photo IMG_6953_zps18c415d7.jpg

See the reflective surface behind? It belongs to the bathroom! Reflective in the day but completely see-through at night. For the conservative, there are binds on the inside you can easily draw.

 photo IMG_6952_zpsadbf1406.jpg

A really nice touch for the social media savvy gen.

 photo IMG_6956_zps8ff3a140.jpg

 photo IMG_6955_zps14dedff2.jpg

Loveeee the bathroom – especially how the tub and shower area are separated!! Plus that rain shower is truly a dream. And check out the Molton Brown toiletries!

 photo IMG_6988_zps03704ab5.jpg

Another great thing we love about Quincy, it prides itself in being all-inclusive, so you basically feel like royalty just helping yourself to everything. I read reviews online about it but I wasn’t sure if we would still be entitled to majority of the freebies since ours was, after all, a cheaper deal. But we truly weren’t disappointed.

While I believe some full-priced packages at Quincy allow you to order a full meal at their dining area (there’s only one in the hotel since it’s small, but more than sufficient!), we still had access to their all-day bites (some of the pictures I snapped during breakfast the following morning). These included the following:

 photo IMG_6999_zpsf74488cd.jpg

 photo IMG_7001_zps95f4f7dc.jpg

 photo IMG_7002_zps1d292618.jpg

 photo IMG_7003_zps51816db4.jpg

 photo IMG_7004_zpsc905060f.jpg

Honestly, I don’t see how we lost out on much? Even the finger food were awesome! So while we didn’t have a full meal (besides breakfast) there, we were still well-fed and happy.

 photo IMG_7016_zps294546bf.jpg

Nigel swore by the ice cream above. I think he had like five cups during less than 24 hours there…

 photo IMG_6977_zpsd84715b7.jpg

 photo IMG_6968_zpsdb1e85c2.jpg

 We also visited this really pretty but small infinity pool. Not great for swimming, but for lounging around it’s perfect. The downside? Depending on when you go it could get a little crowded. We ingeniously decided to wake up at 4am later that night to try it out though…and yeah it’s not a heated pool.

Left the hotel after awhile for dinner and then we came back for free drinks in the evening. There’s a reallyyyy quick shortcut from Far East Plaza to Quincy, so it only took us about 10 minutes to walk to the hotel.

 photo IMG_6991_zpsfe63e3e4.jpg

Also bought this from LUSH while we were walking around town because I’ve always wanted to try it!!! That fizzy sound when you drop it into a bath? Exhilarating!

Spent the evening mostly watching TV and then getting hungry and ordering Macs and feeling superbly embarrassed for going to the lobby to pick it up…must have got super judged by the reception staff for looking like pigs.

 photo IMG_6998_zpsf37558aa.jpg

 photo IMG_7008_zps6f60bbc1.jpg

And us at breakfast the next morning!

For those who are on the Qool Weekend Package, you get the privilege of an awesome late checkout at 3pm as well as Art Jam/a cupcake-baking session on Saturday and Sunday respectively. When I emailed to ask about Art Jam since I was pretty keen on trying, I was told that I could register and pay for it (since mine was a Groupon deal) when I checked in. BUT, because it was at $40 per pax, I didn’t really think it was worth it. You could easily get a $48 per couple deal if you go to Arteastiq’s Art Jam session on a Monday, which is way more affordable.

So this wraps up my pretty brief review of my stay at Quincy! Love the place and I would totally come back again. If anyone’s thinking of booking a stay here, just go for it! The Qool Weekend package currently stands at $300+ I believe. Otherwise, you could just book a weekday stay for cheaper rates, or search booking/deal sites for a better offer.

Till next time xx.

The Quincy Hotel

22 Mount Elizabeth, 228517


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