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Real world musings

Next week is my first month at Majority Media, and unfortunately also my last. 😦 This internship has been just so, so great while it lasted, but unfortunately a permanent job still tops my list so I’m moving on for the time being. I might still worry about not finding something right, but for now I would say that I’m pretty lucky to be getting the opportunities I am – and I acknowledge and am grateful for that.

It’s a strange feeling, having a job. When you’re in school and you pick up a part time job waitress-ing job at a cafe or making coffees at Starbucks you somehow just feel so grownup and cool. Something about earning a keep to shop or splurge at fast food joints when your peers are surviving on allowances from their parents makes you feel just that more important. But then you start growing older and you realise that hey, maybe having an allowance forever is a great thing because you start having to think about finding an actual job, one that brings in more than a per hour pay, gives you great prospects, and hopefully also allows you to live out a fulfilling career.

But there’s also the excitement again. The excitement that just maybe you’ll be able to get lots of satisfaction from your job. Meet actual, great people that you thought you would never get to once you left school. Be committed and driven, and be able to have enough savings to take a holiday or buy your folks something nice whenever you want to without worrying about whether you have enough to last the month.

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  Here’s to forever xx


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