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Traversing Taichung |Part II

Travelling to Taipei day! But not before we headed to one last destination in Taichung.

After the terrible experiences with cab drivers the day before, we vowed that we would just adamantly tell the taxi driver that we only wanted to go to Moncoeur (心之芳庭) and refuse everything else.

We got a cab a couple of stops away from our hotel, where yes the taxi driver tried once again to convince us to go on a couple of other sightseeing trips (because getting to Taipei via the high speed rail is incredibly fast anyway so we don’t need to go there so early) but we just insisted on our original plan. Sigh, what IS with Taiwan and their cab drivers?!?! I did find it pretty funny when the driver chided Nigel for ‘bringing’ me there so early because it would be super hot and that it would only be romantic at night.

So anyway, Moncoeur is this really pretty, fancy garden-like tourist destination in Taichung that couples apparently love. There is no direct bus/train that you can take there so the only way to get there is to drive! ‘Mon Coeur’ means ‘My Heart’ in French, and the place was designed as a scenic spot for weddings to place at! There’s even a really gorgeous little house (not open for visitors to explore but you can still see it from a distance) meant for wedding receptions.

 photo 10484732_10152497801392429_634004002348578733_n_zps6c57d3cb.jpg

Our entrance fee cost us NT$200 (S$8) again, just like the fee to enter Carton King, and once again you can use the coupon for food/souvenirs! We used it all on our lunch because we didn’t think we would have any use for the various lavender products at the souvenir store. I actually wanted to visit the lavender farm in Taichung but it wasn’t the season for lavenders! 😦

 photo 10151974_10152497802747429_1685409603604656149_n_zpsfd9b9d95.jpg

 photo 10447860_10152497806542429_5185668432135934509_n_zps7c6f002c.jpg

 photo 10151954_10152497808172429_4441044000684560836_n_zps8e871007.jpg

 photo 10473169_10152497801617429_333300859152827950_n_zps8bbc255e.jpg

I guess one good thing about being in a place meant for touristy couple shots is that you don’t feel that embarrassed about milking the scenery for shots like these hahahah.

 photo 10487237_10152497802752429_696944701803330762_n_zps37b7956b.jpg

Had lunch at the only cafe there! It was supposedly French inspired too.

 photo 10410227_10152497803467429_7163318513045844101_n_zpsd6309f85.jpg

You know, the thing about cute novelty cafes is that they are usually well, novelty. So it’s hard to find substance that goes beyond their carefully decorated exteriors. And by substance I am totally referring to the cafe’s food of course.

 photo 10492133_10152497803717429_2900762192050953928_n_zpscec77d3e.jpg

 photo 10487352_10152497803962429_3648285753336361119_n_zps48ee5073.jpg

Not a big fan of pesto, and this chicken cheesy baked rice had a TON of it.

 photo 10371704_10152497804887429_2280184598313271369_n_zpsd0a3f1bd.jpg

We were staring at this when it came because the pork chop looked totally uncooked?? It was though – and it didn’t taste as bad as it looked, but the best part of our meal was probably…the fries. 😥  At least we didn’t exactly pay for our meal since we used our coupons.

 photo 1959366_10152497807742429_1817997093593257901_n_zps8371ef93.jpg

 photo 10464335_10152497807582429_6589974310401281507_n_zpsb07d87f3.jpg

The souvenir store! Stocked to the brim with lavender/lavender-related products.

We spent around an hour plus there, and then we were pretty lucky to get a cab almost right away because there was a driver waiting outside the attraction for another family. To earn more money he didn’t buy taking us as passengers, but only to a nearby train station just in case the family he was waiting for came out early. But it wasn’t so bad because it was definitely a cheaper alternative anyway!

Places mentioned:


1 Fong Ting Road
Beitun district, Taichung, Taiwan


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