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I’m a university graduate!

I’m currently working on my second Taichung post (it’s more than half done now I swear), but I just thought I would pen down some wordy thoughts on my graduation since I’m not in a upload-photos-on-Photobucket-and-then-plaster-them-all-over-here mood.

So I just got back from Perth on Friday morning. It was a pretty great flight to and fro this time because we flew SQ (always a pleasure!) and the flight time was not only considerably shorter, but I got movies to keep me occupied for quite a bit. For those of you who aren’t aware, I am horrible at sleeping on flights. Getting an hour of shuteye is actually considered really good for me – although most of that hour I’m not even really asleep. I’m hoping to somehow ditch that along the next few years because what if I fly longer flights?? I would totally die of exhaustion before my next destination ha ha ha.

Back on the topic: Graduation! I was really lucky to have two of my closest friends Jon and Michy accompanying me on this trip back to Perth because my family members weren’t able to. They were awesome companions, and I had a lot of fun bringing them around Perth – as much as I possibly could anyway seeing how neither of us could drive and Perth City has only a limited amount of go-to places. Still, I was glad for their company and I hope the experience was fun for them as well! It was also our first time trying out Air B&B. We initially wanted to get an apartment all to ourselves but it was too expensive. 😦 Instead, we got a room in the city for all three of us to share. Thankfully, our hosts were an extremely nice couple! We had our own plans and differing schedules most of the time so whenever we got up and went to bed they were usually already out/sleeping so we definitely didn’t clash too terribly when it boiled down to toilet hogging whatsoever.

Michy and Jon also very kindly took our graduation photos for us – and I would like to wholly thank them a zillion times for not making me look like a troll. Perth was generally having pretty good weather but TORRENTIAL WINDS ARE ALSO A SCARY THING. Love you two!! Thank you thank you thank you for going the extra mile always, and for making sure that all of us were your priority even though we took up so much of your time when you are supposedly on holiday!! Much love and kisses. Every day I thank the heavens for talented and creative friends. Seriously, the best part about having friends who study Media & Communications is that everyone has a ~flair~ of the artistic variety. Best evaaaarr.

So yasss reality has struck me and I am currently job hunting. Will keep you posted! :B

I leave you with a couple of photos from graduation! Would love to post more trust me but this is my sleepy self taking over…

 photo 10628629_10152516459291492_4491700248599179599_n_zps3e3b88e5.jpg

 photo 10670244_10152516456106492_6164354605550317185_n_zps7b304e52.jpg

 photo 10590678_10152516456511492_3088480616308008929_n_zps0c3441ca.jpg

 photo 13948_10152516459796492_1051220137681018038_n_zpsb2a74e85.jpg

 photo 1545829_10152516456861492_5393857700292183868_n_zps05a8f64f.jpg

 photo 10288753_10152516459546492_5995908580132139937_n_zps5d438d20.jpg

 photo 10653624_10152516462851492_6911600811701012531_n_zps9115146e.jpg


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