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Valentine’s Day 2014 ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

More than a month late, but a sleepless Saturday night (Sunday morning??) has birthed the entry of my Valentine’s Day this year.

 photo IMG_0319_zps963cb770.jpg

I made these cute little cards after getting some craft inspiration off Oh Happy Day! and mailed them out to my friends for V-Day! Since I was working part time in Choctop during the summer holidays I pretty much had quite a bit of time to get in touch with my ~artistic~ side.

Valentine’s this year was a pretty simple affair for us. I swear that I’m not a total grinch when it comes to Valentine’s, but it does grate my nerves when places are totally packed because of it, so I did spend quite a bit of time groaning and complaining while we were queuing up for the 2Degree Ice Art Exhibition (a colossal waste of time) in the afternoon. Poor Nigel had to put up with my incessant eye-rolling and everything I felt super bad after.

 photo IMG_0416_zps796572be.jpg

 photo IMG_0617_zpsfc24b6b6.jpg

Dinner at Lawry‘s, where the waitress went around snapping photos of couples at every table HAHAHA. It was such an awkward experience, and Nigel said this is a really bad photo because he looks more like my dad than my boyfriend but it’s the only one of us there so…there you go. It was our first time having such an exorbitant dinner, and we felt like kids crashing an adult dinner party, but in all I had a really good time. ^^


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