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* December Festivities *

I loveeee celebrations. I’m not really a fan of loud, rowdy ones, but the past two months have been filled with all sorts of gatherings and parties, and a good blend of everything really felt nice. It totally helped that I came back to Singapore in time for birthdays, Christmas, 2014, Chinese New Year, turning 22…it feels like everything just barely died down and I’m headed back to Perth on Sunday. Sooo here’s my attempt at blogging about what went on in December before I backlog everything else.

For starters…IT IS THE MONTH OF BIRTHDAYS. From the #TPTWEEPS, Both Mich and Eudora turned 21! Whoop whoop. Every time their birthdays roll around I get reminded that I’ll be older the month after, so I’d say it’s bittersweet but hey hey hey who’s to steal the limelight from em? We also celebrated Mel’s birthday once more back in Singapore, attended Sherraine’s Hello Kitty-themed and Sam’s nautical-themed 21st party. That’s a lot of birthdays in one month! Please excuse the next haphazardly put together shots because they’re from anywhere and everywhere:

 photo 1553206_10151931566112833_1422434536_o_zpsd7ec9aa4.jpg

 photo 1421265_10151972725496492_888358900_o_zpse41813e9.jpg

 photo 1404899_10151972725551492_1371839507_o_zps605e451f.jpg

 photo 1462815_10151972725206492_1099498152_o_zpse2ae1372.jpg

 photo 1424504_10151972725991492_1144390315_n_zpsf43c75db.jpg

 photo 994080_10152090784707429_2046683187_n_zps8de20884.jpg

Although it was a legit pain getting our asses to Eudora’s party location (which was somewhere in Jurong…), she really outdid herself with the themed decorations and everything. Unlike most 21st parties which have themes like ‘floral’ (one too many girls, I’m sorry), Eudora went with a 500 Days of Summer-styled party. Completely awesome because it means seeing everyone dress up in the preppiest of outfits. Summer Finn was my style inspiration 2009 and beyond, okay?

 photo 980031_10151834401843733_126877118_o_zps192838f2.jpg

Celebrating Mel’s birthday once again. I recall joining everyone for dessert after because of a prior appointment?

 photo 1514645_10152166568438013_599747535_n_zps863667b9.jpg

Thank you Keith for accompanying me to Sam’s 21st and chasing her pet dog Bean around! Haha I’m sure she’ll love you eventually. Like all the bitches do. 😉

Till then xx


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