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2013 in (brief) Review

It’s been a really, really good year for me. It was a year of new beginnings and friendship, adventure, independence, learning, and above all, one filled with lots and lots of love. I’ll try listing events that mattered to me/felt like a huge part of my 2013, but if I didn’t and it involved you, it’s probably not not important, but because I have a really terrible memory?????

Starting university in Perth

I wouldn’t say that going to Perth was the best decision in my 2013, but it was definitely one that opened up many, many doors. One of the motivating factors that drove me to leave was because of the exemptions and also because I had poly mates who were going over, but it continues to irk me when people say I had it the easy way because I “already knew people” and didn’t step out of my comfort zone. It might technically be ‘easier’, but with our differences we all still managed to meet different people, do different things, while at the same time becoming even better friends and helping each other to learn and grow.

Learning Korean and joining the Korean Cultural Club

I wanted to learn Korean last year while still working at Inlingua, but knowing me it takes me quite a while before I actually get started on anything new. So it was really great that I picked up the language as an elective in school, and after successfully (with a lot of pain involved, of course) completing Korean 1 and 2, I’m hoping Korean 3 will be somewhat painless.

New relationships forged

Although at every point of my life I believe that I wouldn’t need anymore friends than the ones I already have, every time I meet someone who becomes important over time, I realise that I spoke too fast. You guys are the best!

Doing more for Dinoseoul

This year, we took a leap of faith and poured in some money into our site to make it look better, and we have also covered quite a number more events. We have definitely slackened on the writing, which is something I hope that 2014 will change! But it still makes me extremely proud that we decided to venture into event coverage, because getting into the action really helps. Check out our concert coverage (U-KISS, NU’EST, B.A.P and more), showcase coverage (miss A, Kim Jong Kook, Jay Park, APink and more) and press conferences as well. We are such a small team, but we have so much more to learn, and I am increasingly grateful for all our friends for the support they’ve given throughout! ❤

Here’s to an even bigger, better year ahead!



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