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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈ Going for a SUKIRA recording (SHINee Onew + CSJH Dana as guest DJs!)

I have indefinitely stopped my Seoul posts, but this has been sitting in my drafts forever so here’s my account of going for a SUKIRA recording back in January. Yes, I know it’s already December!

If you’re an avid K-pop fan like me, going to Seoul definitely means slipping a chance to see your favourite idol into your itinerary right? No? Well, I did it anyway.

On one of my mornings there, I found out that SHINee‘s Onew and CSJH‘s Dana were going to be special DJs on Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio programme, and that it would be a BORA broadcast. BORA basically means ‘visual radio’, and fans are allowed to watch the recording, albeit from outside the studio via a viewing window. So I decided to make my way there from Dongdaemun one evening after shopping, because everyone who knows me know that Onew is my…ultimate K-pop bias ever. SO ANYWAY. The broadcast starts at 10pm KST and lasts till midnight, and I got there slightly before it started at around 9.45pm after Googling directions on how to get to the KBS building.

And it was packed.

Here are some of my survival tips for making it through a BORA broadcast alive:

1. The few benches outside the studio are usually reserved for fansites

If you are familiar with the pictures that fansites usually take of their idols when they’re on SUKIRA, you might think that they get to stand right outside the broadcasting studio that the idols are in due to the proximity of the pictures. But there’s usually another studio in between the viewing window and the actual studio where the DJs are in, so all the awesome close-up shots are credited to the fans’ advanced cameras. But my point is? The fansites usually have unspoken ‘priority’ to the benches outside the viewing window, which they will use to stand on in order to get their photos. They come really early and label the benches with the name of their sites, so it’s best to leave the benches alone and try to get a good standing spot instead.

2. Go very, very early

Like I mentioned earlier, I got there at around 9.45pm and the place was so crowded it was crazy. It was also winter, so the cold didn’t help in making anyone feel comfortable. Fangirls are persistent though, so they’ll not budge even if they’ve turned completely into popsicles. If it’s winter, make sure you wear good shoes and warm enough clothing, because you don’t want to run into the KBS building to thaw and risk losing your spot. While I was standing outside, I did not see Onew and Dana with my own eyes at all, and only managed to snap a couple of trial and errors shots of them by raising my DSLR above my head in an attempt to take photos amidst the other fans.

3. If all fails, just wait in the KBS building itself – you’ll get a better chance of spotting your idol there

No kidding. That was probably the best decision I made while I was there. At around 11pm, I got tired of waiting outside (plus I was super duper cold) and headed inside the KBS building to sit. I saw a few other fans waiting inside and then I realised that it was because the DJs usually come out after they’re done for a couple of minutes to say hi to the fans and thank them for coming. Scoreeee! So what I basically did was sit on one of the couches inside, happy and warm, and at around 11:55pm walked toward the slightly cordoned off, gantry area where you can see the DJs when they walk out. You’ll know when SUKIRA stops airing, because suddenly the hordes of fan girls who were waiting outside will run in and join those waiting inside.

At that point, I was weirdly super excited and nervous (I mean, I HAD been waiting two hours prior and saw nothing), so even when Dana and Onew walked out I barely had a moment to register anything before they went back in HAHAHA. Onew is pretty infamous for being camera-shy, and that doofus actually covered his face with his hands when he came out =_= I’m guessing to avoid the cameras. But really, Onew? Really? After all the cold I went through for you~~

I initially wanted to go back the next night because Key was going to be the next special DJ, but decided against it since it was my last night in Seoul and I didn’t really want to wait another two hours just to catch a five-minute glimpse of them. It’s definitely worth going at least once for the experience though! I’ll update this space with the photos I took that night ASAP!

If you’re an Onew fan like me, you may also read about my visit to Abiko Curry here! He apparently used to frequent the place, though I’m not sure if he does anymore. But the curry itself warrants a worthy visit! ^^

Places mentioned:

KBS Building


18, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-790 Korea


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