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Happy December, folks!

Lengthy entry ahead! It’s just going to be word vomiting everywhere because it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do a proper entry.

So first things firstttt, I’m back! It’s been about two weeks, but I do feel like I’ve fallen into this perpetual hole of lazy since I’ve gotten back, though I’m trying to stay as consistent as I can for Dinoseoul and work articles at least. One thing I am SUPER glad about being back home is that I’ll be able to attend LUNAFLY‘s upcoming Christmas concert in Singapore! I didn’t believe they would come back again so soon after their last showcase here earlier this year, so this will be one great Christmas gift.ヽ(*・ω・)ノ I CAN’T WAIT ALREADY.

The Sunday I got back, I attended Sherraine’s 21st birthday party (you can read about it on her blog here), and wow what an elaborate party it was! The girl’s a big Hello Kitty fan, so the entire chalet was adorned with the cat. I wouldn’t consider myself terribly girly, but I definitely lean toward that side of the scale, so it was quite enjoyable for me! Also, Sherraine put in a lot of effort into her party – right down to every itty bitty detail! She had help from a lot of friends as well, including Jonathan, so it was great to see everything in action, and I really hope she enjoyed herself!

Best of all? SHE HAD HER OWN PHOTO BOOTH. Her own Hello Kitty photo booth! A dream come true for most girls, right? And us guests shamelessly utilised it of course. In fact…our poly bunch probably dominated the bulk of the photo-taking that evening. I feel a littttleeee sheepish when I think about the amount of photos we amassed, but it was really fun!

I was supposed to head over earlier with Mich because we were originally going to help emcee the party, but due to some problems with the management we failed to do so in the end. 😦 It was also disheartening to know that Sherraine had to cancel quite a bit of the things she prepared (including a real stage set-up, speakers and the works), but I’m glad that everything worked out fine in the end.

 photo SAM_0658_zps1876fde8.jpg

 photo SAM_0657_zps9a4dfb0a.jpg

 photo SAM_0677_zps57c52843.jpg

Oh just how I’ve missed these guys! It was so good to see everyone in one place again! It’s also nice to have Shao Liang back with us. It was a kitty themed party after all, so all of us were supposed to dress up in appropriate colours. As you can see, we tried…?

 photo IMG_6868_zps724fa676.jpg

Pigging out at the awesome buffet spread that Sherraine had prepared for the guests! The entire concept was an outdoors-y kind of thing, so all of us could lounge around the grassy area eating. The food was sooooo good that I think Jean and I ate some three bowls of laksa each…

 photo IMG_6888_zps002732c6.jpg

Here’s us queuing up for the Hello Kitty photo booth! Gotta love Jean’s face. What was she doing though?

 photo IMG_6886_zpse14b4bdb.jpg

 photo 1472777_10202411946488031_1149219653_n_zpsc2d30a8b.jpg

 photo 1455038_10202411952688186_1135733512_n_zps938049cf.jpg

Us with the pretty birthday girl! Here’s hoping you’ll get many, many more acting opportunities in the future!

I was also super happy and glad all at the same time when I found out that my longtime friend Germaine was at the party as well!!! She was slated to perform lots of songs but due to the problems the management gave us with the speakers and stuff, we had to wait till it was after 10pm (when the guards were off duty or something) before she could perform a couple of sets!

 photo 1456686_10202411663480956_763833310_n_zpsde775620.jpg

I have no words for Jean. How is she so animated all the time?!

 photo 1472067_10202411679841365_424888267_n_zps28db2ebb.jpg
Sang a couple of songs with Ger, although I went terribly off-key. T_T I blame it on the nerves…and that I can’t sing like her.

And I’ve basically just been doing lots of meeting up with friends. Nothing better than just lots of lazy lunches, Starbucks (I have a new-found love for Toffee Nut Latte, just in time for the holidays!) and hours of mindless catching up. Should be having a sleepover over at CA’s soon too. I CAN’T WAITTTT.

 photo IMG_8399_zpsc7d3c2bb.jpg

 photo IMG_8470_zps909081dc.jpg

 photo IMG_8466_zpsc7cbec17.jpg

Lola’s Cafe at Kovan is like the new hip joint in town, but it’s SOOOO TEENY. Food’s decent though, and very affordable, so you can count on me going back soon! Am also very happy and glad for Cheryl, with things taking a turn for the better these days.

 photo IMG_8502_zps7125e109.jpg

Also missed my 친구s so much T___T Justine and I covered LC9‘s Press Conference early in the morning last Saturday, and then I went for the showcase with Mich later that night. The Dinoseoul team hasn’t had much of an opportunity to sit down together and chill yet, so that is one thing I am looking forward to. There’s so much of the site to still revamp as well, so I can’t wait for Justine to finish her exams so we can get started!

 photo IMG_8547_zpsb169395f.jpg

With Michy looking horribly tired. I need to sleep for a few years. But I couldn’t ask for a better partner/photographer for the showcase.

 photo IMG_8675_zps39acfe2f.jpg

And I’m finally reunited with my favourite pig! (✿ ♥‿♥) Thank you for keeping me company without fail even when I was in Perth, with the pre-written emails when you were away, and for being so encouraging all the time. I’m not great with words but every day I’m glad for you. ^^

Before I end this ridiculously long and very random entry, I insist you listen to Mich’s new cover of MYNAME‘s ‘Day By Day’, off their third single album. I don’t know why MYNAME isn’t more popular, because their songs are amazing, and this one is just proof of that. Mich also did a really good job on the song, and it’s one of my favourites from her yet.




  1. Michy

    Wowowow thanks that’s one of my favourite covers by myself too (bhb alert) HAHA and you sang well during Sherraine’s birthday la you amazing woman!

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