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Goodbye September

I’ve been such a lazy blogger recently. Actually, I’ve just been lazy to do anything, which should really be worrying me a lot more than it currently is (which is not a lot), because I only have about a month to do all my work before I go home and that’s just insane.

The past few weeks have been pretty eventful, and now it’s just assignments all the way before I head home on the 15th of next month!!! I’m just gonna say it like it’s already October because it’s less than two hours to a new month. Anyway, here’s a summarised version of a bunch of great stuff this September:

1. K-Holic

After a couple of months of practice, KCC finally performed on September 6 to a crowd of about 2,000 at Metro City. Although our entire set was probably about three minutes in total, it was such a great, gratifying experience. Super grateful to our friends for coming down and screaming like crazy for us!

 photo 1235512_10201384600910681_1938830377_n_zps5e62a18d.jpg

 photo 1238051_540910435962993_916472382_n_zpsde75a575.jpg

Also, we’ll be performing again at Spring Feast next month on the 6th, and this time we’ll be doing completely new songs. Can’t wait!

2. Unihall Sky Ball

 photo 557711_10151877800402429_2094173911_n_zps25106775.jpg

 photo 1235516_10151877803292429_979585007_n_zps80f7762e.jpg

I’ve never been to a prom, so I guess you could say Unihall’s Sky Ball is my first ever official dress-up-and-party-with-your-friends event, ever. The whole experience was pretty fun – although I swear I am NEVER going to fret so much pre-ball again on dresses and shoes and whatnot.

My friends and I got to snap a couple of really nice shots around school (like the one above!) before we left for the venue though. We figured we might as well make the best of everyone looking nice!

3. Cast auditions for our short film

Earlier this semester, my group and I were crazily worried about who and when and just…how we were going to find people to act in our short film for school. Last semester, we had a set theme to follow for our filming but because our current filming mod is a third-year unit, we have the total freedom to conceptualise and film anything we want. Drawing inspiration from Mondays Are Red (which I just bought on my Kindle again despite still having my Sec 1 copy back home!), we decided to center our film around Synesthesia. The best part was that interested applicants actually responded to Deanna’s casting call online, and we had the privilege of auditioning all these amazingly wonderful, talented individuals. It’s such a great feeling to know that our film is finally shaping up, and I really can’t wait to get started on filming later this week. It was also the first time I tried my hand at writing a script with Stef, and it’s just really :’) when the actors themselves say they find a connection with the script.

ALSO. Feeling so bad for whoever we had to turn down, especially when they’re all super good. How do judges on reality TV shows and all that do it?!??!

4. Puma Glow Run

 photo 73348_10202007205772169_1115666727_n_zps19fb56bd.jpg

Last year, I joined the Republic Run back in Singapore with Jean and my sis, and I told myself that I’ll join at least one running event every year from then on to commemorate actually well, running again (and to remind myself to keep running). This year, I’m so happy that I got to do it in Perth with old and new friends. The Puma Glow Run felt more like a party than a legit run, but it was solo fun seeing everyone dance around together and practically breeze through 5KM like it was nothing.

I also resolved to run a whole lot more this semester, and I am happy to say that although my 2-3 runs a week have dwindled a lot (I’ve literally not ran since Glow Run night), I’m going to force myself to start again!

5. Yingsui’s 21st birthday 

 photo 970377_10151645219152215_89396368_n_zpsef3d4c51.jpg

We’ve celebrated a bunch of our birthdays in Unihall, and on the 22nd right after Glow Run it was Yingsui’s! We had a small surprise that night, then a bigger party with the rest of her church friends at a really awesome Korean BBQ restaurant the next evening. She’s one of the people I’m super glad to have met here in Perth, and one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever known. I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your birthday, Yingsui!


Now back to the reality that is my impending assignments x



  1. yingsui

    hehehe. thank you!!! (: I’m so glad to have known you too! Thank God for you guys always!!! ❤ I enjoyed it a lot! ^^

  2. Cher

    Soon will be goodbye october, then you’ll be coming home!! coming to me!! 🙂

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