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Looking forward

The other day it just kind of struck me how when we don’t have something to look forward to, life becomes ‘meaningless’, and we start to lament about how it sucks and we really hate it. It is kind of a vicious cycle that even I am not immune to. Not long ago a friend told me, “Oh my God now that XXX is over, I am going to live aimlessly again.” But with school or work being the main focal point in most of our lives, we often find it difficult to look forward to anything at all. And that is where all the little stuff starts to pile in. Weekend brunches. Stay-in Friday nights catching up on the week’s online entertainment. Shopping trips. A quick coffee with a good mate. Those really start to count, don’t they?

And then there are the bigger things too. Getaways, or that splurge-worthy holiday trip you’ve worked so hard toward. That glamourous school event where everyone gets to dress up to the nines and just take photos. Birthday parties. Family gatherings with loved ones you only see once a year but find so familiar all the same.

While I aim to have at least one big event to look forward to every couple of months and a whole lot of smaller ones peppered in between, I’m also trying to find peace with myself by appreciating the big gaps of supposed ‘dull’ time. Because that’s called Living. Attending classes and lectures, going to the dining hall everyday and staying back after to catch up on the day’s activities with my friends, walking to Broadway to buy Mocha Chill with Stef, even picking my outfit every morning. Because somehow, while I will have the time of my life at events that ‘matter’, it’s still the smallest, habitual things I will miss the most. I genuinely mean it when I say I really dislike doing my readings and getting started on things of any sort that requires me to get up and out of my bed, but don’t we always tend to over pity-fy our lives when someday we are going to just look back and miss it anyway? MIGHTTT as well attempt to be as positive about it as we can. (OK SO I SAY THIS NOW BUT JUST WATCH ME SLACK ANY WAY :-))

And because it’s the start of a new week tomorrow, I am gonna work this positivity and be as productive as possible!

Thoughts aside, I am really missing my friends back home. Best of luck to those starting their new school term, and to the boys in army, hang in there! I might not always reply but I always have your best interests at heart. 😀 Nava is also on a plane to the UK right now to live the life she has always wanted, being able to study and learn in a place she loves, and I hope she is going to have an incredible time and learning experience.

My weeks in a nutshell have been devoted to rehearsing for the upcoming KHolic event (Brown Eyed Girls’ Miryo has been confirmed as a special guest omg what a big step for Perth!) and Spring Feast in school, and I’m just really excited to be performing here for the first time. I do feel incredibly blessed that despite not being an amazing performer or anything, I am still able to dance on the side. Am also looking forward to the Unihall ball and the Puma Glow Run next month. I guess you could say that I’m pretty lucky to be having quite a number of big events to come. And perhaps the biggest of all, finishing up my sem by November with good grades and returning home to seeing everyone again.

In the meantime, check out one of our rehearsal videos to EXID’s ‘Every Night’ and EVOL’s ‘We Are A Bit Different’. We aren’t perfect (and we actually look super duper lifeless here just trying to remember steps and execute them), but we’ll keep trying!

Have a great week everyone!


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