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Food Down Under

Happy Saturday! I spent all of today writing my speech for a short debate next Tuesday and finishing up my articles for work and…THANK GOD FOR A PRODUCTIVE DAY!

I’m almost done with the second week of semester 2 and I’m pretty glad everything seems to be going at a relatively fast pace this time. I guess it could be attributed to the fact that this semester is a whole lot shorter than the first one. But it’s also a lot more theory-heavy and I foresee a lot of sleepless nights ahead.

So let’s talk about what I’ve been doing since I’ve gotten back to Perth: I tried Ciao Italia and their famous pastas on my first day back, trip courtesy of Yingsui’s church friend Matt (who was super nice and fetched us from the airport when we landed!), started dance rehearsals again (pretty excited to perform Springfest & KHolic but at the same time worried for the lack of rehearsals we have!), ate more good food and more bad (dining hall ugh) and it’s just been a lot of settling back into university life. Gillian also dropped by again on a Perth flight and I brought her to the Supre warehouse (many thanks to Dee who introduced everyone to the place!) where we bought so much for so little. LIFE IS AMAZING.

 photo IMG_5230_zps579e9cd8.jpg

JUST LOOK AT THIS MASSIVE PLATE OF AGLIO OLIO?!?! The prices at Ciao Italia are pretty steep, but the portions are really huge and shareable so it’s all worth it. And they are super generous with their ingredients too.

 photo IMG_5232_zps2e375ace.jpg

 photo IMG_5235_zpsd10ade30.jpg

I ordered a carbonara (which I also regretted because it was a bit too much after a couple of bites) and all of us also shared their tiramisu – which was so so so good! It’s a pity the place is a little out of nowhere and impossible to go to without a car…so it doesn’t seem like I’ll be back there for a bit.

 photo IMG_5280_zps5c8b5b4e.jpg

 photo IMG_5264_zps9c530da7.jpg

Broadway Studio rehearsals and yummy spiral potato sticks at Fremantle with Tania, whom I met from dance last semester.

 photo IMG_5371_zps7a3b8d41.jpg

And as part of another day in the life of cafe-hopping, we finally tried out the food at The Tuck Shop, a really great eatery in Northbridge! I had their cod fish and parmesan toast, which was amazing and super filling. Prices are always a bit steep for food in Perth, but the portions usually justify that.

 photo IMG_5404_zpsea54ea20.jpg

 photo IMG_5414_zpsc6b8eb32.jpg

And when Gillian dropped by we made plans to finally try out Jamie’s Italian in the city (after a failed attempt the last time!) and head to the Supre warehouse. The weather was actually pretty hot that day, and it’s been warming up some days and cooling off on some others, making it pretty confusing and hard to dress for. Urghhh.

 photo IMG_5437_zpsbe66dd9c.jpg

And the other day in hall Brenda made chicken rice for everyone!!! Thinking about it makes me really hungry now. 😦

 photo IMG_5283_zps5e627f1b.jpg

And here’s me with my insanely cheap coat from TaoBao! I was looking forward to dressing for the cold weather here again but now that it’s beginning to warm up I am getting annoyed at the amount of space my coats and jackets take up in my closet. It has also struck me how impossible it is going to be bringing the bulk of my belongings when I finally do go home for good he he he. That arduous task shall be crossed…when the time comes.

So it is Sunday tomorrow and I will be spending it at UWA’s Open Day! I think the school had a similar event earlier this year, also to commemorate their 100 years, but I missed it since I wasn’t in Perth yet. So I’m looking forward to it tomorrow before the start of a new week.


Places mentioned:

Ciao Italia 

273 Mill Point Rd  South Perth WA 6151

The Tuck Shop

178 Newcastle St  Perth WA 6000

Jamie’s Italian 

140 William St, Perth WA 6000



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