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Will you be my rockstar?

So ‘It Rains’ was great and slow and powerful and all…but oh God ‘Wild & Young’ is set to be my summer jam…forever. Or my um winter jam since it’s still cold here in Perth. I love everything about this song and MV – the youthful energy, Seung Yoon‘s husky voice, and the whole barely-out-of-adolescence wild streak. It’s one of those top-down, speeding through long stretches of road songs that will have you falling in love with freedom and spirit and all things amazing. +10000 points for this. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be a fan of this baby-faced rocker but…JUST TAKE MY HEART.

Also, EXO‘s ‘Growl’ MV has just been released and that has to be reserved for a whole spazzy post on its own.  I am also very pumped to review f(x)‘s ‘Pink Tape’ and dive right into VIXX‘s repackaged album. New music for the new school term, and new running playlist music!

In non-fandom news, I am back in Perth and I’ve just survived half a week of lectures! (no lectures for the rest of the week YEEHAW) The bad news is all my mods sound really boring for the sem, but the good bit is that I have successfully retained a bit of self-motivation…for now.


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