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Falling in Love

There’s so much good music going around in K-pop these days I’m really looking forward to some quality time where I can just sit down and loop everything over and over again because I don’t know how else I can ingest all the gloriousness.

So BEAST just came back with their second studio album, and it’s a little hard to believe this is just their second full-length album because of the amazing EPs they have released over the years. Kind of like B1A4, BEAST is one of those groups I appreciate a lot more for their music than anything else (and that’s a huge compliment considering the amount of feels I have for other groups from all other factors besides music), and ‘Hard To Love, How To Love’ is perfection. The album flows really well, and every song feels snugly fit to continue the other when I let the entire album run. :’) I love it. And although most of the tracks are mid-tempo or ballad-y, BEAST has a knack for keeping their slow songs interesting. And ‘괜찮겠니’ is still amazing no matter how many times it’s been played.

Also great, INFINITE‘s comeback:

Gotta love all the Myungsoo screen time. And that Sungyeol sings more than one line, albeit just the same line twice. But everyone looks and sounds fantastic again, and I just…can’t.


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