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Baby Don’t Cry

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So the start of the week saw me hastily recording my parts for the EXO cover of ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ that I am doing with Mich. We thought it would be a fun idea to throw in a couple of photos and film a ~video~ for it too since we’ve never done it before – and I’m still hoping it won’t turn out completely silly. The video, that is. Anyway, much thanks to Brenda and Yiyun for all the help! And of course to Michy for all the planning and coordinating. I’ll be leaving back to Perth next week, but I definitely think it’s been a month well-spent. It’s a bit strange meeting so many new people in one month and then leaving right after, but I definitely am looking forward to my next trip back already. Contrary to what I thought when I left for Perth (halting all dancing activities till I’m back in Singapore), it’s a blessing to have the opportunity to be preparing for an upcoming school dance performance next semester too.

And this is such a beautiful cover (once again) by LUNAFLY. It’s been stuck in my head ever since it was the song of choice at CJ’s Open Mic Night on Saturday. Of course LUNAFLY will eternally get my vote if they ever take part lolol. How many times I want to beat myself up for missing their showcase here I CANNOT EVEN 😥


Also, after the vocal students got their turn last week, the coming Saturday will be the dancers’ turn to ~shine~. Come join us at our first ever showcase for student dancers at Dansu Dansu Night Chapter 1! Under Jojo’s tutelage, we’ll be performing a dance medley of SISTAR‘s ‘Bad Boy’, EXO‘s ‘Let Out The Beast’, Justin Bieber‘s ‘Boyfriend’ and MC Hammer‘s ‘2 Legit 2 Quit’.



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