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Then and Now

I’ve always kind of believed that I’ve grown out of being sentimental and sappy over the years. I used to be the kind of person who would hold on to every single movie stub that I watched with people because I could somehow conjour up how that day went, whether it was a big or small one, once I look back on the fading stub. But then after awhile I kind of stopped letting every single memory stifle how I look at a person or situation now, because time changes things. More than often not to my liking. And sometimes it makes me feel better to not look at a certain place/thing/person and feel empty when it used to make me feel full.

That said, I’ve really missed these guys:

 photo IMG_4765_zps17cd530a.jpg
Although we aren’t close anymore, it felt nice to have everyone in one place again. I haven’t been the greatest friend to everyone in the picture, and I don’t even speak to some of them anymore, but I’m so happy to see all of you again. Good with life, growing up and going places.



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