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Dream Boy

So just until about two months ago I constantly \(-___________-;)/ whenever I attempted to look up airport Jinki pictures on Tumblr because his fashion usually consisted of a hoodie (black) zipped up till his neck with the hood down, thick fringe covering his eyes and toting around his infamous ugly black man tote. Not that he always looked like that prior, but that was a period of time where fans were used to him shunning the cameras at the airport as best as he could.

 photo onew121114_1_zpseca82df4.jpg

 photo tumblr_luw46hwYyz1r47jiqo1_500_zps0ca09cbb.jpg

 photo tumblr_m4jne0Vm2E1qauyhjo1_1280_zps3533ddb9.jpg

 photo everything3_zpsd2069497.jpg

Was totally fine with the whole cover-myself-up-at-the-airport thing (not everyone likes a bajillion pictures of yourself taken by the fan papz), but then this happened:

 photo QUXCkvR_zpsf0619ef7.jpg

 photo onew_zps1be31cf7.jpg

 photo QO5hBfX_zps3af72fd4.jpg

 photo tumblr_mo6ne8riBF1qauyhjo1_1280_zpscc2b3668.jpg

 photo tumblr_mohsn3qxTW1qauyhjo1_1280_zps5f35543e.jpg

Onew has discovered colours! Beanies! Caps! Man purses! The art of layering! Not to mention the use of shades instead of practically zipping his face up in hoods. Boy claims his fashion sense is a result of Key‘s helpful advice, but I’d like to think he’s hit somewhat of a mid-twenties crisis where he’s feeling young again by making the effort to dress up more. ‘Dream Girl’ promos also seemed to encourage the breathing of more prints and dynamics in his clothes.

But the bottom-line is, I’m really loving the change and how he seems to be loosening up and enjoying life at the moment. Go Jinki!



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