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There’s always time for tea…and fandom

After coming to Perth the bunch of us decided we really wanted to check out nice cafes/brunch places that we could indulge in/take a million photos of – and  Deanna found this amazing place called Santi’s in a little corner of Hampden Road (it’s totally not noticeable at all!!) which has amazing food options and really great tea. :’)

We visited it on a Tuesday afternoon after attending the screening of all the Digital Media video productions of our course mates and um walking away with the People’s Choice Award. *Flips all the hair I own* Brenda’s group also won the other award – The Jury’s Choice!! Woohoo props to us and all the deserving calories we inhaled that afternoon.

 photo IMG_4048_zps089f21f6.jpg

 photo IMG_4043_zpse1e5a423.jpg

 photo IMG_4049_zpsdd4da9e8.jpg

Dee’s amazing Salmon Frittata!! SOO GOOD. The Earl Grey Tea was good too but you can’t really go wrong with tea, methinks.

 photo IMG_4050_zps76543f68.jpg

My really yummy Caesar Salad Wrap. :’) Wow I really suck at describing food.

 photo IMG_4037_zpsdd1389b9.jpg

They had a really gorgeously delectable selection of freshly baked breads and pastries too. So many things I want to try!

 photo IMG_4052_zps04b37993.jpg

Mel’s Lemon Cupcake. It looks like heaven. Prolly tasted like it too.

In fandom news…

I’m so proud of EXO! Although it’s true that I think they could be stretched a little more before they actually start winning on music shows (it’s only their first comeback, and they’re a pretty privileged group if you know what I mean), I’m still really happy that they won. I swear I screamed the dorm down with Stef when Suho started contorting his face into all sorts of ugly expressions (Music Bank also hilariously decided to capture the moment on Twitter) and everyone was celebrating on stage. :’)))) And yes I may or may not have watched the video a few zillion times/go on Tumblr after to spot all the other interactions going on. And when Jongin cried at the Gimpo fan-sign after while thanking the fans it was all T_T I love how he pulls his cap down as a habit when he’s tearing and how the kid thanks everyone with so much heart. Being a fan-girl is really satisfactory. Ah-hem.

If you want a copy of EXO’s album ‘XOXO’ (we’re giving both the ‘Kiss’ and ‘Hug’ versions away!), be sure to join Dinoseoul‘s giveaway here!

Places mentioned:


52-54 Monash Avenue, Nedlands, WA.



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