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 photo 575539_10201108199457320_1757684056_n_zpsaf3cad22.jpg

 photo 9958_10201108174616699_1123743279_n_zps63a5145e.jpg

 photo 223061_10201108204097436_2108437878_n_zps4abd41bf.jpg

 photo 5597_10201108190857105_924547723_n_zpscdaa1738.jpg

 photo 487460_10201108208097536_2136814504_n_zps1002cfb5.jpg

5 days into June already? I’m seriously heading home faster than I thought! So I’ve two exams to conquer before that but here’s thanking the heavens and great group mates for distinctions for Marketing and our film projects so far. I’m probably the worst video editing person in the world (that and my mediocre contributions) but I’m really glad our video turned out great. Korean presentation turned out to be satisfactory as well, despite us forgetting a couple of words in between. Just really, really blessed to have had such a good semester so far.

Photos above all from when Jon was here, and thanks heaps for the pictures taken!

So SKarf just released their first proper mini album, and I’m really loving these two from the lot:

Working on an ‘Our Say’ piece that will hopefully go up within the next day. Writing productivity, hit me!




  1. Jonny

    Hahaha welcome for the photos!! 😀 Glad you liked the photos n__n can’t wait for you guys to be back!! Party and food feasting woohoo haahah. Before that, all the best for exams!!!

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