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Hot Times…of the past

(Is it really a coincidence that both the video previews are of Jino?)

Ugh. All the feels. I get that S.M. The Ballad was a project group, but they did so well I’m not sure why they aren’t making a comeback yet, even after three whole painful years.

When it was announced that S.M The Ballad was going to debut and a wild Jino appeared out of nowhere with zero promotion or background information, we were really all thrown aside to just do nothing but bask in the glory of his beautiful voice. And then he disappeared, yup. I got mildly excited when SM announced a new male soloist last week, only to find out it was Super Junior M‘s Henry. Still pleased at the news, except I really want to see Jino back in action. Was he or was he not considered for the EXO line-up at all? Is SM planning to debut him in a future group whose concept they have not materialised yet?? What???

So anyway…all five tracks on the single are amazing, but my favourite definitely is ‘Hot Times’ for the crazy amount of vocal power in one song. Gotta love all that ad-libs, Jonghyun. A single worth revisiting.



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