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10% life 90% fandom

Hey ho. It’s been a really eventful May so far and we’re already coming to the end of it. With quite a number of things out of the way I can say I’m pretty much relieved and ready to start studying for my exams…soon!

Last Sunday saw me finally meeting up with Justine after her almost week-long stay in Perth exploring the suburbs with her family. I definitely think she’s seen more of this place than I have. Hours before meeting her I met up with the poly girls (at some unholy time of 6.15am) because we had all signed up under Mel’s collage to volunteer for this year’s RSPCA Million Paws Walk event as walk marshals. I’m honestly not a morning person at all…which resulted in me staying up the entire night before so that I wouldn’t oversleep. I had no idea at all why I signed up for it since I had two tests the next day plus was meeting Justine that same afternoon – but it turned out really well because the dogs and their friendly owners made everything super worth it. I guess it’s what they say about not regretting doing something good once you’ve gone through with it. Always think of the end result, people.

 photo IMG_3591_zpsee1a7a85.jpg

 photo IMG_3592_zps4ae0859c.jpg

 photo IMG_3593_zpse7dde261.jpg

 photo IMG_3603_zpsf97796d3.jpg

 photo IMG_3608_zps141a2ffa.jpg

OK so we kinda just looked like we were doing corrective work but…all in the name for charity.

 photo IMG_3600_zps6c8e94c8.jpg

Hahah them prissy dogs.

 photo IMG_3634_zpsfab7a7cc.jpg

 photo IMG_3641_zps164567fc.jpg

Really glad I got to show Justine around campus and bring her to a couple of places. I probably would miss her a lot more if not for the fact I’ll be seeing her again soon! (I just flipped through the Photobooth pictures we took and I’m not even sure which are fit for human viewing anymore)

In fan-dom:

I’m not a Starlight, but I’ve been keeping an eye out for VIXX (it’s hard not to when they’ve got two ardent supporters on the Dinoseoul team) after ‘On and On’ and died when I watched cuts of them with the piglets (LEO WITH THE PIGLETS) on VIXX Plan V Diary. There’s just something about flawlessly good-looking boys who loves animals. :’))) But anyway, the comeback stage for ‘hyde’ was pretty amazing. I like the clean, black outfits that allowed their hair/makeup to stand out as usual, and though I really prefer N‘s old hair his new red crop is impossible to ignore. I still…love it.

You can only imagine how hyped I was after hearing that Jonghyun would be finally coming back to perform with the rest of the SHINee boys on M!Countdown for their goodbye stage. Ok so they’re doing their round of goodbye stages already but better late than never right? He’s working that new hair and you can see that even though he’s back he doesn’t dominate the entire track for ‘Why So Serious?’ and instead just…melds in perfectly. :’) ‘Sleepless Nights’ was a joy to listen to too.

Now that I’ve got a bit of time on hand, I’m working on an Our Say piece on Lee Hyori (fingers crossed it won’t turn out to take a couple of weeks) and above are her two newest singles, both of which I love! This woman’s 34 but I love watching her move. I remember trying to emulate, and failing terribly, her choreography to ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ when it came out because she’s just that good. She’s just incredibly comfortable and sleek, and oozes confidence like no other. I also love the stark differences between ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Miss Korea’, one’s edgy and bad-ass while the other’s just all pageant queen pretty but both are empowering and 100% girl power.

And seriously, this woman makes me ashamed to not work out more.


SM finally dropped an actual moving teaser for EXO today, and I’m really digging the whole image of ‘Wolf’ after giggling through the first watch. For one, every single of them looks um, very good and the whole dramatic, apocalyptic sound and smoky set and literal prowling is fascinating. I like that EXO is going to be promoting together this time as 12. I like that the teaser, despite the lunging at each other and exaggerated canine habits (my favourite has gotta be Kai and Tao‘s face to face growly bit), the boys are still in character with the whole superpowers thing. I mean, if you are going to start with it, might as well keep it going right? It is kind of significantly cool no matter how many people scoff at it. I’m hoping EXO fans will just let up and stop bemoaning about how tragic and stupid the teaser is because DON’T DENY IT YOU’RE CRAZY EXCITED TOOOO. As for the upcoming track…Wolf nega wolf! AwooOOoooOoooooooo. Just praying that it won’t sound as ~strange~ as the demo did.




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