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음악 들어요

Tomorrow marks the end of another school week and then I’ve exactly two weeks before my study break starts. It’s been a relatively good week if you take into account two major assignments I had to submit (one of which I just turned in tonight!!), so I’m in a pretty chill mood. My only gripe is my less than satisfactory Korean test grade once again, but hey hey hey, just one more test to go and I’ll be done with 한국어 tests for the semester.


I was mediocre toward 2PM‘s comeback until I listened to ‘Come Back When You Hear This Song’ and ‘A.D.T.O.Y’, and this might be my favourite 2PM period ever. I love the smoothness of the tracks, the leveled up stage choreography, and how at ease everyone is in their own skin. All the members look great, and I think they’re the only group right now that is able to pull off this grown-up boy band look without trying too hard to look sexy. Junsu is also a stand-out here – he’s always been one of the better singers out there, but he’s really killing it with his confidence in both tracks. Nichkhun is also a surprise with his falsetto in ‘A.D.T.O.Y’ – he isn’t a strong singer per se, but I like that they’ve utilised his higher vocal tone to add an interesting element to the song that he helms fairly well.

I didn’t manage to get into ‘In The Wind‘ as an album at all, although I did stick around long enough to appreciate ‘Tried To Walk’, but I’m glad that I didn’t miss ‘What’s Going On?’ and B1A4’s new album in all its entirety. I was watching performances of the ‘What’s Going On’ when a comment on how B1A4 is a group that never overdoes the cute no matter what they do caught my eye. It’s bewildering but true. The group has done mostly happy, endearing concepts since their debut sans ‘Tried To Walk’ but they’ve never struck me as nauseatingly saccharine. Maybe it’s just how they’ve manged to lay on the quirk effortlessly. But anyway, ‘What’s Going On’ is brilliant. The choreography is fresh and tells a story on its own. Baro and Shinwoo‘s lower-pitched verses in between chirpier ones play up the song’s dynamics. The short speech lines dropped into the track give it a little disjointed feel, but it somehow works. Great, great track.

And perhaps best of all:


557913_547630071946498_1049502762_nEXO The First Class???? XOXO (Kiss&Hug) the first FULL album??? I’ll take it SM. THE BOYS LOOK FANTASTIC. I CAN’T WAIT.



  1. Deanna

    I totally read ‘but hey hey hey’ in your voice in my head. HEY HEY HEY.

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