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Full steam ahead

We were stuffing our faces with instant mee goreng the other night when Brenda attempted to Stef and I into her kitchen because of an ‘important announcement’ but we were too absorbed in our food and Running Man to move. The next thing we knew, Jonathan appeared at my door!

It’s such a great feeling to have a complete surprise visit all the way from home even though we haven’t been away for very long. But it’s really been a great few days – it feels as though we’ve gone back into tourist mode, bringing Jonathan around to the best of our abilities (although we personally don’t know Perth all that well yet).

It was also a ton of fun driving around Perth today despite the coming week being a really hectic one, with two major assignments due and my final Korean test to study for. That AND the fact that Justine will be coming as well (!!!).

I’ll do my best to resume blogging properly ASAP, but for now:

 photo IMG_3426_zps965fa1e0.jpg

Brought Jon to Claremont to grocery shop on a Thursday evening because there’s no place in Perth we would rather spend our Thursdays at lolol.

 photo IMG_3556_zps6e30c570.jpg

 photo IMG_3559_zps31a182dd.jpg

 photo IMG_3557_zps3066d4a2.jpg

 photo IMG_3558_zpsd59b0740.jpg

 photo IMG_3560_zps1fa5c8b8.jpg

Pretty good ramen in the city with some of my favourite girls!! Woohoo.

 photo IMG_3561_zps2fc70300.jpg

 photo IMG_3562_zpsbbd13b36.jpg

And a trip to San Churros at Northbridge in the evening for Jon’s virigin churros experience. He loved it so much he ate it again today at Fremantle hahaha.

 photo IMG_3512_zps5b96f39b.jpg

 photo IMG_3500_zps52fe25b8.jpg

Spent today at the Cuddly Animal Farm down at Swan Valley after a very impromptu decision – which resulted in Taufiq swerving right into the farm’s route after we started hysterically screaming after seeing a bunch of farm animals around. We were supposed to go for wine tasting but hey hey hey, cute animals over alcohol any day.

 photo IMG_3537_zpsa0414b3c.jpg

And before ending the day at Fremantle, we dropped by Cottlesloe Beach for this amazing view. :’)

 photo IMG_3541_zps13a5c063.jpg

And a bonus picture for my crazy friends haha when we resorted to walking back an hour after the buses stopped running.

 photo IMG_3555_zpscbe9558c.jpg



  • Super duper proud and grateful for Justine, Cheryl and Mich for covering all the events for Dinoseoul efficiently! You can read their latest writings (including what went down at LUNAFLY‘s press conference) on our site, and expect more events to come up including A-PRINCE, a close-door event with Jay Park, A-JAX and the Social Star Awards with PSY. I’ll be heading to an event on the day I fly back, so I can’t wait  already!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother! Hehe. Shan’t bother with a message here when she can’t read it.
  • It’s 100% sweater weather right now. TOO GOOD…BUT SO COLD.


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