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Thank you for being in my life

Back in secondary school, it was pretty natural to be popular if you were in the student council. I guess it’s attributed to how everyone knows who you are, and the certain amount of authority you had over your peers. Also, the council’s involvement was really high in school activities, and it just made school life a whole lot more meaningful and fulfilling.

But I’m not here to talk about the school council – but about a person I met in it. I was fourteen when I joined the council and I was really excited then, because it was the first time I felt like I belonged to something. During then, our council committee was made up of the students a year above of us. I remember that by some unbelievable stroke of luck, Jonathan and I were put on the committee somehow. I started to learn more about my seniors in the committee, but it was hard to make friends with any of them properly because of the whole seniority level going on. The following year, I started reading the blogs of the committee members to nose around and see what they were like outside of school.

But there was one girl in the committee whose blog I (creepily) frequented, because sunny deposition in school aside, she sounded really upset in her online entries. I remember leaving her a comment and asking her to cheer up, and from then on we started talking a lot more. I found out more about her hobbies, her friends, her likes and dislikes. And her life in general. Somehow, we became each other’s journal instead and it was such a great, great feeling being able to open up to someone and knowing I was someone’s support at the same time.

Fast forward a whole six years later, that girl is one of my best friends now.

Sometimes I don’t know why me. Why you chose me out of all people to hang out with till now. Why out of all your amazing friends and company you make it a point to text me every few days, or do little things like buy me stickers on LINE when you are the only contact I have on the app. Why you never fail to tell everyone that I’m your best friend or include me in your plans to do everything. How you pop by to say hi to my mum whenever she’s at work when you’re free and buy her Gongcha. How you spend exorbitantly on me when you can when I know you’re already being independent and paying for your own bills. How you tell all your other friends about me when we don’t even hang out and they still know who Rach is. I am really blessed to have a friend like you, and I don’t know if I can ever tell you how much you mean to me :’) It makes me really happy and proud whenever people tell me how pretty you are, how glad they are for you and Cheston, how lucky I am to have someone like you – but that I already know.

Happy 22nd birthday Cheryl! I love you so much :’))))) Even though we’ve both been occupied with our own lives I’m still glad we find time to catch up whenever possible. Also, really glad that Cheston’s plan to surprise you with an impromptu trip went well. I wish I could have seen the look on your face when you found out. ^^ See you soon, and take care till then.

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  1. Cher

    Omg rach I just saw this. I’m outta the blogging world so I will only pop by when I signed into my account and saw your update! Thanks rachy, i love you so much too. That was so touching. Thank you for being in my life too. I love you and pls retrieve the line stickers when you’re back! i’m still so sian about it haha come back fast xx

    • It’s the least I can do when I am so far away. I love you! ^^ See you very soon. (and yes I will retrieve those stickers omg)

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