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Instagram + from the iPhone #4

As usual, I really think I am kidding myself because I’ve definitely posted way more than four posts of my Instagram + iPhone snaps.

This is belated but Happy May everyone! It’s going to be a really taxing month for me because it’s assignments month, and then two exams in June and I’m bound for home. It hasn’t been a long time since I’ve got to Perth, but I can’t wait to eat all the food back in Singapore again. Also, shoooooppp. I realise (to my dismay) that I’ve just transferred my bursting wardrobe problems from Singapore to Perth – and I need to figure out how to bring even more clothes over somehow. HAHAHA I’M SORRY I SOUND LIKE SUCH A VAIN PERSON RIGHT NOW. I promise I’m not as shopaholic as I seem.

Anyway, the following are all my food escapades with the girls so…

 photo IMG_3181_zps7f1cd707.jpg

 photo IMG_3178_zps42eed082.jpg

The night after Brenda and Deanna handed up their essay, we celebrated with a night out – in true colour coded black.

 photo IMG_3191_zps472dd52e.jpg

And very satisfyingly ended it with really good porridge at Uncle Billy’s at Northbridge! They’ve got great Chinese food there with huge portions.

On another Sunday morning, Deanna brought us to a brunch place she found at Gordon Street called Gordon Street Garage!

 photo IMG_3232_zps72266648.jpg

 photo IMG_3239_zpsd4bccc7e.jpg

It’s an amazingly pretty and airy place with the nicest china and old-school looking seats!

 photo IMG_3242_zpscd4d0fbb.jpg

Love how the place was so busy and bustling with families, couples, or friends. But because the lighting was pretty sucky that afternoon here are some ~magically filtered~ shots.

 photo IMG_3356_zpsda4d06e7.jpg

 photo IMG_3355_zps34b069e6.jpg

 photo 27117_10151616745357429_673114593_n_zps178777cc.jpg

 photo 72838_10151615876172429_1635009241_n_zps88cfa6aa.jpg

We ordered a marinara pizza which was really good! But they promised us more prawns due to the kitchen running out of mussels and I’m pretty sure they lied. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

Last Tuesday, we also jumped at the opportunity to attend the first mass gathering for members of Korean Cultural Club because it meant…more food! Woohoo.

 photo IMG_3292_zps5515b3d2.jpg

 photo IMG_3295_zps7c4c3968.jpg

 photo IMG_3302_zpsb13695d0.jpg

Watched an original school production with Taufiq, the first this year, and it was really really good! Props to the UDS!

 photo IMG_3314_zpsfe9a81ae.jpg

Unihall screened Fight Club and Amelie in the quad on a huge projector screen as a way to unwind last Friday, and it was really fun to see the hallers sprawled out on couches in the middle of the quad.

 photo IMG_3357_zpseaeb94ca.jpg

Um, porridge again after a disappointing K-pop party at Metro City. Was really great to watch KCDC perform though.

 photo IMG_3336_zps21eb6323.jpg

SO GOOD but expensive Malaysian foodย  in the city. :’)

 photo IMG_3352_zps17fb9a31.jpg

 photo IMG_3346_zps80b6f7e9.jpg

And here’s us today at the start of Live Below The Line, a yearly project where participants have to feed themselves on US$2 a day to better understand the poverty line. For every participant that pledges to live below the line for a week, he/she collects donations and all proceeds go to the cause. We’ll be collecting more footage over the next few days for our video project, so wish us luck!

Here, ending off with more Korean food because ((why do we eat so much Korean food)):

 photo IMG_3099_zpsfeb66c11.jpg

Places mentioned:

Gordon St. Garage

16 Gordon Street
West Perth, W.A

Uncle Billy’s Chinese Restaurant

Chinatown, Shop 9, 66 Roe Street Northbridge 6003


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