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I should be over all the butterflies

It’s early Saturday morning and the weather’s turning chilly again after a particularly hot (VERY hot) week. I’m pretty annoyed with myself for putting off visiting the beach while it was still perfect to – and then keep harbouring these lazing-on-the-sand thoughts when it’s starting to dip below 15 degrees out.

I’ve to get up in four hours for my first ever dance workshop in Perth, but some things before my week wraps itself up:

Watched Harrison Craig‘s audition when the first episode of the new season aired (the judges’ reactions are my fave part) and I was really impressed by this kid. Then I watched it another two times again tonight while idly browsing videos and it made me bawl. Also, the similarities to Gareth Gates are uncanny aren’t they?

Taufiq’s been egging me on to listen to the new Paramore album – a whopping 17 songs – and I finally did. I’ve never actually been a Paramore fan but this song is really great:

In conjunction with the McGrath Foundation, Penguin Books Australia has released twelve pink popular Penguin classics, pledging to donate $1 from the sale of every book to the foundation. Picked these two up for Celine. I vaguely remember trying to read Wuthering Heights once but didn’t fully appreciate the oddness of the relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine.

 photo IMG_3084_zps09a2700e.jpg

I also revisited Lula Rock‘s Facebook page and got completely sucked into SRETSIS beautiful ‘I Heart You, All Over Again’ Collection. It’s unbelievable how the sisters never fail to retain their touch of whimsicality and girlishness in their designs! I just found out they actually have stockists right on Hay Street so I might just pop by and be woeful at all the things I’ll never be able to afford. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

My favourites of the lot:

 photo 429070_4589539774963474_395236696_n_zpsb4371581.gif

 photo 429070_458953977496374_395236696_n_zpsae31c153.gif

(Picture credits to SRETSIS)

Goodnight! xx


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