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I love you, LUNAFLY

I usually pride myself in not ~falling too deeply~ in love with an excessive amount of groups because let’s all face it: as fun as fan-girling is, it is also terribly time-consuming and not the best thing to indulge in when you’re a full-time university student. Being a K-pop fan, in particular, just sucks up So. Much. Time. Too many MVs to watch! So many varieties to watch! So many pages on Tumblr to go through! So many articles to read! SO LITTLE TIME SO MUCH TO DO.

But then there are groups that I just can’t help but sink into because even without having an inkling of what their personalities are like (an essential in K-pop) or where they popped from – solely for the fact they sound so good.

Haven’t found a trio of voices I’ve loved in a while. :’) And I’m absolutely heartbroken that I’ll be missing them when they stop by in Singapore next month. Would do anything to just be in the same room and listen to them sing. Sam, Yun and Teo, please keep blessing me with glorious music.

Life updates:

– I sent in a video audition to join the UWA dance crew and got emailed for callbacks (!!) but unfortunately didn’t make it in the end. Still, was a really great experience!

– I’m more than halfway through April which means it’s less than a month before Justine comes to visit. I can’t wait!

– In the midst of moving Dinoseoul to a new site and keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work itself out. Do check out our new articles on SECRET‘s Press Conference & Concert, as well as BtoB‘s ‘2nd Confession‘ and K.Will‘s ‘Love Blossom‘ MV reviews!



  1. Gi

    Couldn’t resist having a listen to anyone doing a cover of James Arthur (doing a cover of Shontelle lol!) – pretty impressed, although James Arthur has my heart completely 😉

    • LOVEEED James Arthur’s rendition! He’s got such a great, broken huskiness to his voice it’s impossible not to :’)))))))

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