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Exploring Ewha + Cafe 체칠Su

I love Ewha (also known as Edae). And I think any right-minded female would agree with me – because the place is just seriously awesome! Not just for affordable shopping or eating at cute cafes, the overall young-ish vibes and quaintness of the place. I guess it’s because Ewha Womans University is there, but anyway the place is just a really suitable one to chill at.

Cheryl and Celine told us they visited a really nice cafe during their trip last August and wanted to bring us there to try the drinks and relax for a bit. I couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of the cafe until I read Celine’s blog (go read it too, she has her own bunch of Seoul travelogue entries!): Cafe 체칠Su! It’s along the main shopping street but hidden in a small alley that’s accessible by a short flight of stairs. Another reason why I love Seoul: so many gorgeous cafes and you’ll always find one that isn’t too packed but still pretty enough to want to sit in.

 photo DSC_0503_zps7ad5e4ab.jpg

 photo DSC_0498_zps2b00e623.jpg

Only one other couple were in the cafe besides us. I absentmindedly observed them for a bit because they were pretty um, touchy-feely.

 photo DSC_0499_zps3d048828.jpg

 photo DSC_0501_zps959d4853.jpg

Cosy interior with lots of homely decor and a warm, fuzzy ambiance.

 photo DSC_0522_zpsed465905.jpg

 photo DSC_0526_zps3a090097.jpg

I think I ordered a mocha frappuccino that cost me around ₩6,000 – ₩7,000? Drinks around Seoul cafes are about the same price. Not verryyy cheap but it’s worth it for the place, I feel! Also, look at how much effort the cafe owner puts into personalising even the napkins and wrapping a ribbon around EVERY SINGLE ONE. Honestly, seeing as how girls love detail, cute things and all that jazz, it’s a really good marketing technique to go the extra mile and make every cafe experience a memorable one. Give the girls an experience to take photos and blog about!

 photo DSC_0533_zps64013522.jpg

I am one of those girls.

 photo DSC_0521_zps1ed95d5a.jpg

I love Celine’s sheep gloves (₩15,000 and worth every penny!!!) and her new One Of A Kind GD cellphone cover!!! She bought both that day hehe.

 photo DSC_0514_zps2c423cc2.jpg

 photo DSC_0513_zps112ca9f2.jpg

Posing with a drink that’s not mine.

 photo DSC_0518_zpsd5b4fc4b.jpg

 photo DSC_0516_zps9ddd6c17.jpg

 photo DSC_0534_zps2db9e2b3.jpg


 photo DSC_0545_zps278e2d28.jpg


 photo DSC_0540_zps34fa0d71.jpg

So after saving ourselves from the cold for a good hour plus, we ventured out again when it turned dark to do some shopping.

 photo DSC_0546-1_zps8b7d7e38.jpg

 photo DSC_0547-1_zps06dbf7a2.jpg

 photo DSC_0552-1_zpsb4bc7ba2.jpg

 photo DSC_0549_zps71416cb7.jpg

SOOOO many shops selling sweaters, coats and furry winter things and I was so tempted to overbuy. But really, when will I ever get a chance to wear them anywhere except winter in Korea?

 photo DSC_0553_zpsf9ffad63.jpg

We also shopped at Banila Co which SNSD‘s Jessica endorses! It’s a Korean makeup brand that’s pretty highly raved about online. Apparently, they have really great makeup removers and primers. I bought their 7th Anniversary Banila Co Prime Primer Classic at ₩20,000 or something which is fairly decent and works pretty well!! I’ve never used a primer prior to this because it’s a step I think I can live without, but it does help foundation look more flawless.

 photo DSC_0556-1_zpsca6f42a3.jpg

Here’s a yummy photo of our dinner that night to end of this post abruptly! Hehe.

Places mentioned

Ewha Woman’s University Station (where Ewha’s shopping street is)

Cafe 체칠Su



  1. Deanna

    So pretty! I love visiting cafes, lets scour Perth for nice ones too :>

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