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✈ 서울 T R A V E L O G U E ✈ Abiko Curry + Lomography Store in Hongdae

This post took me a crazilyyyy long time but I blame it ALL on Perth and studying. Hehe.

I remember being very excited whenever we visited Hongdae on my last trip to Seoul – there’s just so much to do/see/eat there and the place is big enough to keep us entertained for a good number of days. Because I stayed there this time, I had the opportunity to explore even more of the place.

When I found out that Onew frequents a Japanese curry place opened by 1TYM‘s BaekKyoung, I just knew I HAD to visit it. I also adore Japanese curry so this was a huge added plus for me.

There are a number of outlets for Abiko (あびこ) outlets in Seoul, but since there was one in Hongdae and that was where we were staying, we decided to head there on a Saturday before checking out the weekly Hongdae Flea Market.

 photo DSC_0410_zpsef3da139.jpg

 photo DSC_0411_zps73be4115.jpg

 photo DSC_0412_zps0eef72dd.jpg

 photo DSC_0420_zps776ff61d.jpg

Um, doing what girls do best. Photos!

 photo DSC_0428_zps288dac52.jpg

 photo DSC_0429_zps10ea4d98.jpg

Weirdly, I kind of miss wearing layers and layers and battling the wind! Plus, it was always kinda refreshing. Still fairly cold here in Perth though.

 photo DSC_0430_zpse381fd40.jpg

Although we didn’t all plan to go to Korea together initially (Jac roped Stef and I in after hearing that we were keen on going again), I’m really glad we did because it was such a great experience going with a bunch of girls who share the same interests, and I felt we really bonded during the trip. :’)

 photo DSC_0431_zps1a03e6ef.jpg

 photo DSC_0432_zps29000fec.jpg

Slippery, ice-covered ground every single day.

 photo DSC_0433_zps29b475dc.jpg

Just one of the many Korean coffee joints in addition to the popular global ones like Starbucks.

 photo DSC_0438_zps016ad001.jpg

Jac trying to get a whiff of the food.

 photo DSC_0437_zps2aad37dc.jpg

 photo DSC_0441_zps8fec6063.jpg

Outside Abiko! But this happened to be too full so we walked to another outlet a couple of streets away, which explains the slightly different orientation outside the Abiko shops. Why couldn’t they have combined it all into one big outlet, I wonder?

 photo DSC_0442_zps69afffdb.jpg

At outlet no.2!

 photo DSC_0443_zps8cbee555.jpg

 photo DSC_0444_zps0ba978c4.jpg

The place is sooooo beautiful! Keeping in theme with being Japanese, the entire restaurant has faux cherry blossom trees. Hehe.

 photo DSC_0453_zps8cb8c64d.jpg

 photo DSC_0449_zpscadb933c.jpg

 photo DSC_0455_zpsc87ede05.jpg

Cider!! I love it. This reminds me of what my Korean teacher said about cider in Perth being known as alcohol while it’s Korea’s version of Sprite.

 photo DSC_0446_zps05cc7f23.jpg

Cheryl being kawaii!

 photo DSC_0458_zps48c44901.jpg

I never knew how awesomely warm Uniqlo windbreakers are until CA’s mum loaned me hers. This was so good! And I really like my floral beanie from Bangkok. ^^ Anyway, aren’t my friends super pretty in the pictures above!!!

 photo DSC_0471_zps509e96b4.jpg

This was a set lunch – and it was HUUUGE. My entire curry pork katsu + cider set cost me about ₩13,000?? Really cheap. Plus the curry had meat in it too. Craziness.

 photo DSC_0465_zps73d8012b.jpg

 photo DSC_0461_zpsff0bc558.jpg

Off to the flea!

 photo DSC_0477_zpsa58b911b.jpg

Passing by Hongik University.

 photo DSC_0479_zpsac3a6184.jpg

 photo DSC_0478_zps40121d14.jpg

 photo DSC_0487_zps930bb907.jpg

 photo DSC_0485_zps26c35990.jpg

Because it was in the middle of winter, stalls at the playground weren’t open because the floor was too icy! 😦 It was definitely a lot more bustling the last time we visited. Didn’t manage to buy anything this time but Jac bought the cracker thingys above. The owner of the stall was this nice elderly man who kept offering samples for us to eat! Haha.

After leaving the flea, we walked a bit further up to the lomography store in Hongdae. I heard that it has since closed down – which is really sad!! Considering we just went two months ago.

 photo DSC_0491_zps6a44a0eb.jpg

We were greeted by two fat cats outside the store who refused to get up from the piece of Styrofoam mat they were sharing no matter how much we coaxed them to. Wonder if they feel the cold under all the fur?

Pictures of the pretty store for keepsake!

 photo DSC_0492_zps7887e82b.jpg

 photo DSC_0493_zps1fde58f8.jpg

 photo DSC_0494_zps84185344.jpg

Really love the orientation of the store and how everything is displayed – from their cameras to film and all.

 photo DSC_0495_zps1d6604f6.jpg

 photo DSC_0496_zps87b6bdb9.jpg

Brenda would have seriously loved it here! We got her a Diana+ keychain as a souvenir.

Blogging about my travels seriously never fail to make me crazily nostalgic, but I also count them as what actually keeps them alive so…more to come! It’s also the start of my one week study break and I’m hoping to squeeze in as much knowledge as I can before a couple of tests when school reopens..fingers crossed!

Places mentioned:

Abiko Curry (Hongdae)


356-1 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu Seoul South Korea

Hongdae Flea Market

Directions from here



  1. OMG this makes me miss Seoul much (heh heh). And you look so pretty in that photo of you inside the restaurant! We should go again before death us do part!

    • I know! The feels I get while typing the post…you need to update chongeggs man! I need something to read too. And AW SO SWEET THANK YOU :)))) I’LL BLOG MORE FOR YOU.

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