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Doing a Deanna

It’s mid-week of week 3 here at UWA. A couple of life updates:

– I’ve joined UWA’s Dance Club and will be taking Intermediate Lyrical Hip Hop for the rest of the semester. It’s an interesting pace and change from Korean-focused hip hop or even O School’s hip hop classes back in Singapore. Challenging, fast, and quirky.

– The weather’s turning slightly colder (yay!) and it feels great not wanting to die every time I stay out in the sun for a bit too long.

– Classes have been fairly cope-a-ble. Save for innate anxieties about doing well and not falling behind.

– Everyone’s still pretty much widening their social circle and living it up, but I haven’t quite found the right moment to…embrace the moment. Not when I’ve got things at the back of my head to settle.

– I’ve got a new iPhone 5!! My awesome parents bought it for me in Singapore after hearing that I um accidentally got water into mine and my dad’s cousin brought it over for me. :’) Thank you so much!

And before I go, here’s me doing a Deanna (Photobooth pics FTW). Meagre amount of photos from over the weeks:

 photo Photoon16-2-13at624PM3_zpsb44f431d.jpg

 photo Photoon21-2-13at555PM_zpsaee70a6b.jpg

 photo Photoon22-2-13at1155AM_zps153db541.jpg

 photo Photoon27-2-13at627PM_zpsb58e530c.jpg

Alien invasion while I nap.

 photo Photoon5-3-13at757PM_zpsa37c9a76.jpg

Intense painful feelings while doing my Asian Studies readings so…

 photo Photoon5-3-13at757PM2_zps073502f1.jpg


Bye everyone.



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