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Instagram (and iPhone photozz) #3

With the amount of Instagram photos I have on my account (460 at last count), I really should be doing these posts a lot more…

 photo IMG_1717_zps26992209.jpg

 photo IMG_1722_zps77bf55e4.jpg

Gorgeous photos of the Swan River. Sat by the river on Valentine’s Day with Taufiq watching the sun set. Romantic or what!!

 photo IMG_1775_zps5788d5a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1782_zpsdf583a4c.jpg

Fish & Chips at Cicerellos! Too good. I had the grilled fish, which was just as amazing.

 photo IMG_1823_zpsd2c08bea.jpg

My dad with a kangaroo at Caversham Wildlife Park.

 photo IMG_1899_zpsa8890adc.jpg

 photo IMG_1902_zps45591165.jpg

Wednesday night at Cap S! With the poly bunch and Grace (while Dee drank juice in her room).

 photo IMG_1790_zps06d7ff6d.jpg

As part of the Perth Festival 2013, Scattered Light by Jim Campbell was put up at King’s Park. When you stand right in front of these moving lights, you can actually make out the silhouettes of people walking. Too cool.

 photo IMG_1929_zps4349863d.jpg

Ice cream on campus.

 photo IMG_1967_zps8a1a87c0.jpg

 photo IMG_1959_zps95e76bc9.jpg

One of the many afternoons at Matilda Bay, and the Singapore Bridge Society. Seriously.

 photo IMG_1989_zps912a7315.jpg

My awesome new kicks!

 photo IMG_2023_zps930dcf5b.jpg

Joined about five clubs at O-Day…and here we are snagging free food at one. Um, guesses on what I’ve joined?

 photo IMG_2014_zpsced0206f.jpg

Churros from San Churros!! Ahh chocolate heaven.

 photo IMG_2025_zpsc1600ec6.jpg

Winthrop Hall in all its glory.

Since it’s Week 1 and there mostly aren’t tutorials, headed to town with a couple of friends to shop before Taufiq took us to a mall in Claremont. It’s been a blast meeting new people here, but I’m also really glad to have so many familiar faces around here. Seriously lucked out.

 photo IMG_2052-1_zps4b0dda33.jpg

 photo IMG_2057_zpsd3ea6339.jpg

김치 찌개 for lunch earlier. Btw, am picking up Korean for real as an elective (!!)

 photo IMG_2060_zps303cd95c.jpg

Cap hair and terrible eye-bags. With my new friend and Brenda/Deanna’s hall-mate, Yingsui.

 photo IMG_2062_zps9a148591.jpg

 photo IMG_2065_zpsbf7428bc.jpg

Ignore the terrible manually re-sized photos. Can’t be quite arsed anymore. Life at hall has been fairly decent so far. Am glad that Stef got the room next to me and I’m the last room in the hallway – singing out loud has never been easier. I think.


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