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Hello from Perth

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I just realise that I’ll completely have no HD photos from now on because my DSLR is with my sister in Singapore. 😥

So here’s my obligatory update: my family went back to Singapore on the 18th after we came to Perth together. I’m missing them like crazy and I think it’ll only get worse – but school’s gonna keep me busy once it officially commences next week. I’m currently staying in UniHall, originally called Currie Hall, one of the five colleges on the campus of the University of Western Australia. It’s decent, isn’t too hot at night and fairly roomy enough so I’m satisfied!

So a couple of things I’ve learned about Perth: it’s a really small place, but the city itself is even smaller and you won’t travel out to the suburbs if you don’t have a car because taking the bus and train – while convenient – takes a really long time. Not just the distance to the suburbs, but the overall waiting time for public transport as well. It’s O-week right now, so we’re just doing the usual orientation activities and getting to know new people around. Everyone’s pretty much nice and friendly so far – can’t wait to start meeting more people! I also feel very much like a grown-up now settling my own bank stuff and tax stuff and omg all the other grown up stuff.

One thing that’s hard to use to are the early nights here…and the early days. I get up at 11am+ on normal days and that’s literally half my day gone since most of the shops close at 5pm.

Will do a proper room post when my room doesn’t look so much like shit. I basically threw everything around, half of my clothes are still in my luggage…oh well. Anyway, just wanted to say I miss you guys back home!! Especially the Tweeps, singing with Michy, the twins, Cher, Justine and Dinoseoul and basically…everyone.



  1. deejaymich

    That part of your room in the picture looks cosy enough, hahaha! And I miss singing with you too! T_T I’ll get our recording done asap!

  2. Gi

    O-week! Very exciting. Join as many clubs and societies as you can – even if it’s just for the free food 😉

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