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My birthday jar

I can’t thank everyone enough for the great celebration last night. It wasn’t just my birthday – it was a party for all the birthday babies till March + a farewell bash for all those leaving for Perth in the next couple of weeks. It felt amazing to have everyone back in one place again, and although it’s the last party we’ll be having in a while, I know I’ll have yesterday to keep with me forever.

While I’ll save the party to blog about for another day, I really want to talk about one of my birthday gifts this year. Justine told me back in December that my birthday gift will be an interesting ‘mix of cute things’, and two weeks ago she passed me a huge glass jar filled with all sorts of knick knacks which I had a great time looking through. Every single item represents something I/we love/have talked about in our daily lives, so it really means a lot to me.

 photo DSC_0138_zps551aae11.jpg

 photo DSC_0140_zps47bd6b17.jpg

I swear I’m not totally girly, but I do like My Little Pony and I’ve got two pony figurines (Twilight and Rainbow Dash) sitting on my desk. When the official My Little Pony game came out on the iPhone, I downloaded it, babbled a lot about it to Justine to make her download it too, and we’d keep talking about really important things like which pony we’d be buying next. The next on our list was this pony called Fluttershy – and Justine actually got me the actual toy figurine of her. :’)))

 photo DSC_0139_zps75b19904.jpg

Not too long ago, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower came out in theatres. I recall Justine watching it first, then excitedly asking me if I’ve read the book/seen the movie because it was incredible, and that she had bought the book right after to read. I went to watch it – loved it – and bought a copy of the book myself. This bookmark combines two of my the best things ever: the movie and my love for reading. 8)

 photo DSC_0152_zpsbff100e4.jpg

Because we like stickers, and we like cats. Or maybe I like cats a bit more.

 photo DSC_0151_zps6f06075c.jpg

Um, no words.

 photo DSC_0158_zps7bced88a.jpg

Pretty nail polish + Hello Kitty perfume.

 photo DSC_0155_zps0d5286f1.jpg

EXO quotes of ~wisdom~. I particularly love the one about Chanyeol and Kris having dance battles and Chen being the judge.

And perhaps the best of all…

 photo DSC_0142_zpsed547352.jpg

This is embarrassing – but I went to Seoul last year looking for Onew socks and found none. Justine found a pair back in Singapore last year and gave them to me…and look! Now she’s got me two more. I have three different pairs of Onew socks now. Lee Joon can step back.

 photo DSC_0147_zps25cb5dc5.jpg

Enough Jinki to last me 1.5 years in Perth.

 photo DSC_0160_zpsc9a17acf.jpg

Nah who am I kidding? This IS my favourite gift. I also got an EXO necklace but I didn’t snap a pic cos it’s still inside the packaging. Ha ha ha where do I wear it to I have no idea but um EXO 4 lifeeeeeeez.

But really, can I just say how incredibly touched I am by the present? :’))) It’s made up of all the things I love from someone I love who put in so much time and effort to put everything together. Thanks so much, 친구!

Now I’m pretty terrible with gifts – I’m really bad at making those artsy personalised cards and thinking up creative ideas for presents – so everything above really got me in the gut. That’s not to say the stuff I received from the rest of my friends weren’t awesome though – will post them up in a bit once I’ve sorted out the pictures. Special thanks to Michy for the great CD (which I will listen to once I get it back haha), Stef and Mel for the beautiful cards, Dee and Jean for the bag and real-life greeting card, Nava for the awesome book-container holder (which I’ve used to store lots of my stuff!), and the rest of the poly bunch for the assortment of gifts and card!

Thanks for a great 21st birthday, once again. 🙂




  1. Hehe glad you like! The EXO necklace is the same one Sehunnie has been spotted wearing k n__n and happy belated birthday once again, my 21 year old chingu~

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