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Hello from Seoul!

It’s currently 10.12am in Seoul and I’ve just managed to get up in time for breakfast at the hostel today. Achievement unlocked!

It’s been less than a year since my last trip here, and for that fact alone I know I’m incredibly blessed. The thing is, despite the fact that Seoul has four seasons, I’ve only ever been here when it’s cold. March was prettt chilly, but the weather this time is really freezing. It was down to -16 degrees the other night – imagine that!

But even with the harsh winter, it’s been really fun so far. Been doing all the non touristy things because my companions are avid shoppers, but it’s still great looking at the pretty streets and well-dressed people. Last night saw me making a trip down to KBS because SHINee’s Onew and CSJH’s Dana were guest hosting Sukira. Pretty fun experience. And tonight, we’ll be heading to Arirang to catch a recording of Simply K-pop. Will be sharing my thoughts over on Dinoseoul when I’m back…which is tomorrow. Being back I mean. Too fast!

Till then!


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