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“Thank you for being in my life.”


They say that when one gets older, one gets wiser. But what I love about you is that child-like quality you retain while exuding a calm, confident demeanour as SHINee‘s leader. There are so many qualities in you I admire as an artiste, person and overall inspiration – your love for performing, your honesty, your candidness and your sincerity. Sometimes you seem detached from everyone else, but then you come rushing back in as though you never left, touching the hearts of people everywhere who love you. I’m sure that at one point or another you’ve wondered if becoming who you are today is what you really wanted. But when you’re up there on that stage, high above everyone else and looking out, and all you can see is nothing but blindingly bright lights, I know you will find comfort in the thousands of fans screaming out your name and know that you are not and never will be, alone. Happy 24th Birthday Lee Jinki! ♥ (`・ω・´)”


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