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Best way to round up the year…

School update: I’ve officially finished all the annoying application bits for school, so hopefully the rest can clear themselves in good time…like really, really soon.

The weekend has been a crazy one. Like really crazy, crazy. I attended the Singapore leg of SMTOWN Live World Tour III on Friday – only to promptly fall sick after because of I-don’t-care-even-if-it-rains-three-years-worth-of-rainwater-I-am-finishing-this-concert collective screaming with Michelle when it started pouring again during BoA‘s performance of ‘Only One’. I can’t believe I missed her entire dance with Sehun. Such good times!

Also, it’s exam period for Justine and I’ll be heading to Bangkok on Thursday, which means that…it’s going to be killer for us to cover the four K-pop events happening on Saturday. Thank God for helpful writers *throws confetti*. Still, I’m looking forward to spending some time with the family.

And so, SMTOWN. I would go on and on if I could because it really was spectacular, or you could just read my review here.

Here’s a video highlights that Mich also did for Dinoseoul:



  1. deejaymich

    Haha! Our collective screaming. I really had lots of fun. I’m so glad you were sitting beside me during the concert. Thanks for the awesome company and experience Rachy! And enjoy your trip to Bangkok, we’ll do well on Saturday! ^^~

    • Sorry for the uber late reply!! I feel bad that I couldn’t celebrate your birthday with you but I’ll make it up to ya! ^^ LOVEEE.

      • deejaymich

        You don’t need to make up for anything Rachy hahahaha! ❤

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