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D-1 to SMTOWN in Singapore!

Who’s excited for the biggest concert extravaganza of the year tomorrow? Nope, not me. Because I totally haven’t been refreshing my Twitter feed like every five minutes.

But seriously, the airport photos of them at Incheon departing for Singapore are enough to send my adrenaline level over the top. It might sound too fangirly, but I’ve been dying to watch SMTOWN ever since they started performing as a company. Sometimes it doesn’t strike me just how much K-pop has involved in the past few years. I remember buying an exorbitantly priced Super Junior lightstick on Soompi (I sent over money in USD because I didn’t even have a bank account then) and wondering when I’d ever get to use it besides turning it on when my lights are off sometimes. I love how in secondary school, I would go on and on about SNSD and Haengbok and whatnot to LH and CA. Both have more or less drifted out of K-pop, but I still feel 15.

Ahhhh I’m so excited. :’)



  1. I MISS HAENGBOK! That was like one of their best songs. And no la, I still listen to kpop, just don’t go for concerts cos my wallet does not allow. 😥

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