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Expectations and uncertaincy

You know that jittery yet excited feeling you have before you start a new day at a new school/workplace and so on? I used to hate that feeling. The feeling of not being able to sleep the night before. The feeling of counting down the days before D-Day itself and trying to stretch time as much as remotely possible.

But then I realised that these feelings are mostly of me growing up and experiencing new things while I still can. How many more times will I get to feel nervous and yet anticipate a new semester? Just one. For uni. And that’s it. I need to embrace this, the feeling of being able to even groan at the thought of going back to school again – because I won’t be able to feel it for much longer.



  1. Lai Han

    My exact sentiments. HAHA. A couple more years to dread exams. I reckon I only have like 6 more times to go through this. If I actually decide not to quit school. HAHA. But okay but be happy cos we’re going to be breathing the same air in a couple of months and possibly see each other more often than before. ❤
    i rly have no idea what I'm typing cos I'm listening to music. and cannot multi task that well. so if I'm writing something incoherent pls pardon me. HAHAHAH.

    • I think you’re really stressed most days, so I hope that you can lighten up soon and see the better part of life tooo! Please don’t quit school, you’ll be okay with it once it’s over, but for now, hang in there!! And yes, same air same air omg. I don’t know if I’ll like Perth but I’m excited!

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