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Six favourite non-title tracks off K-pop albums

K-pop songs from recent/not-so-recent releases for keepsake. I find myself listening to them on the way to anywhere way too often.

SISTAR‘S ALONE album: Lead Me

I’m a huge fan of SISTAR’s music, because when they’re not dishing out fun, catchy music like ‘Shady Girl’, ‘Ma Boy’, ‘Loving U’, they have other hidden gems on their albums, and ‘Lead Me’ is one of such songs. The R&B notion of the song, Hyorin‘s seamlessly fitting vocals, Bora‘s rap – they all gel really well here. Dasom sounds a little out of place because her voice has that young-ish tone to it that sticks out a little awkwardly here, but otherwise, this track is one of the best SISTAR’s ever had.

B.A.P‘s No Mercy album: Dancing in the Rain

This is such a feel good song, and I really like the English here. I first thought it was gonna be a Frank Sinatra ‘Singing In The Rain’ type of song, but while it’s not, it is still an upbeat number with an energetic synth beat.

Teen Top‘s aRtisT album: Baby U

‘To You’ is glorious, but ‘Baby U’ is…even more glorious. It’s a really catchy R&B-esque pop sound that’s easy on the ears and just wonderfully put together. It’s the kind of song you just wanna snap your fingers and move side to side to. What a blah description, but yeah that’s how it is.

IU’s Lost and Found album – MIA/Lost Child

Ok so this is a title track, but MIA, or Lost Child (from her first mini-album) didn’t receive commercial success. Still, it’s highly worthy of a mention – a haunting beautiful anthem that’s accompanied by an equally queer music video (featuring underworld beings and MBLAQ‘s Thunder as one of them). IU’s voice is known to lean toward a higher range, and while it’s almost too sickening sweet in her cute songs, I love how she emotes in this song. The entire track is very whimsical and almost like a sad fairytale, but I guess that’s the whole point of it. But anyway, I like this song so much that I even kept the instrumental on my iPod because it’s unbelievably good on its own.

f(x)‘s Electric Shock album: Let’s Try

My favourite out of all the songs on Electric Shock. We all know f(x)’s fond of a more quirky, electro-pop sound, but while it is unique, it doesn’t appeal to everybody. ‘Let’s Try’ changes that. Instead of just focusing on being catchy, it actually holds meaning as an uplifting song, with reggae influences to keep things interesting. Luna and Amber are the stars in this track though, because the sing-talk banter they have going on is nothing I’ve heard of before, and it sounds so good.


I’ve gotten through a good amount of INFINITE songs since I’ve started following the group’s activities, and one of their newest ballads, ‘Only Tears’, just gets me in the gut. Originally a Sunggyu solo, it’s honestly not the best K-ballads I’ve ever heard, and in fact sounds just like any other ballad INFINITE has done before. Yet, the thing with this group is that every member has such a distinctively unique voice that it’s clear to tell each boy apart, and I really like how each of them sings their part here with such pensiveness. I really enjoyed the smaller details too, like Myungsoo and Sungyeol dragging out their lines into a lithe end note.


Tuesday blues. Good bam.



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