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Creature of habit


I realise how little instant pictures I have despite having an instax around the house, but I’ve decided to make use of my washi tape and put a couple of them up on my desk.

And while we are on the topic of my desk…

I love hoarding, I seriously do. But my pile of table knick knacks are starting to form an uncomfortably awkward pile. I’m quite annoyed with myself, because I know I did a de-clutter post a while back (organising is a big deal to me. Documentation is important so I feel like I’ve worked hard enough! Lol.) and everything was great. But now it’s back to square one. Or have I been buying more?

I actually headed down to Daiso a couple of times to stock up on boxes and those little compartment cases with lots of room to sort out the ton of crap that I own but it all ends up still looking pretty messy. As we speak I’m staring helplessly at the side of my table and side-eyeing everything. My notebooks, pens, BB creams, movie/concert tickets I can’t figure out where to keep/hair accessories/sewing kit (??) etc.

Swear I’m on a legit mission to eliminate as much clutter as I can. I SWEAR. Starting with the ticket stubs. I keep absently thinking that one day I’ll want to gather all the ticket stubs I have and make a huge collage – just to see how many movies I’ve watched in this lifetime. Fact is I’ll never do it.

I leave you with pictures of recent (or semi-recent) purchases:


1. Austin-Tatious Turquoise 2. Last Friday Night 3. Skinfood gold glitter polish

When it comes to nail polish, I’ve got this bad habit of buying them and not using them for months, because I hate the entire process of getting it on/off and how it pretty much kills the condition of your nails. I stopped painting my nails sometime last year, but I still buy new colours whenever I see something I like because I think I’ll use it one day. Think I’ll slowly start attempting self-manicures again though.

I really regret buying number 1, because while the blue looks mermaid-ish and shimmery in its bottle, its actual colour when worn is very metallic and not quite dark enough. Last Friday Night has been sitting pretty on my desk since I bought it about two-three months ago, but swatches online look great. The gold Skinfood one is one of my favourites! You can’t go wrong with gold glitter polish, and it’s slightly muted and not too loud.


And um, my Hello Kitty fascination.

Ok bye! (and for everyone who hasn’t already started watching Reply 1997, please do)


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